LINCOLN, Neb – Joining the community of hunters is as easy as downloading the updated Powderhook app, connecting with partners and joining virtual camps, and then using the technology to participate in the wide world of hunting and outdoor sports.

The latest version of the Powderhook app was released today, and major updates promote connectivity between hunters, whether they’re new to the activity or are lifelong outdoorsmen and women. New tools include features called Camps, which allow users to share information and experiences with camp members; Mentoring, which simplifies the process of finding and connecting with mentors in your area; and Reports, which combines the horsepower of deer, turkey, and waterfowl trend reports.

“This latest release is the best representation of what Powderhook is all about, which is connecting outdoorsmen and women of all experience levels in every location,” says Eric Dinger, co-founder and CEO of Powderhook. “It also addresses the single biggest reason most people begin hunting and define themselves as hunters, because someone asked and helped them. We hope people use Powderhook to not only find a mentor, but for mentors to find apprentices looking for guidance and advice.”

The app also includes all the other features that has made Powderhook a favorite tool of outdoorsmen and women. Those features include Discover, a listing of local, current events related to hunting, fishing, and recreational shooting as well as locations of public hunting areas near you.

The app is powered by a map that identifies public lands, public hunting and fishing areas in every state. The map also includes bathometric profiles of ponds and reservoirs across the country.

“Our two new tools, Camps and Mentoring, are intended to work together,” says Dinger. “The app asks users to define their experience, age, gender, and location and then whether they’d like to be in touch with people looking for information. We enable a relationship through the app, by connecting people in whatever way they’d like to communicate, whether via text, email, or over the phone, or through our Camps tool.

“Camps are simply groups of like-minded outdoorsmen and women,” explains Dinger. “Users are creating camps for just about anything you can imagine. Some are hunting buddies who share their photos and stories with each other through the app. Others are larger groupings of people interested in topics such as big-game hunting, archery hunting, how-to information, mentoring, wildlife photography. You name it.”

The app’s users build points, which are called “CRED” in the ecosystem of the platform, by engaging with fellow users: answering questions, posting a photo, commenting on a post, or becoming a digital mentor. The more CRED a user accrues, the more points they earn toward incentives provided by Powderhook’s partners and sponsors. Users can see how they stack up compared to fellow users in their states or camps, adding a fun, competitive edge on their way to helping others have a great day in the outdoors.

The Powderhook app is available to download or update by visiting the App Store or Google Play.

About Powderhook:
Powderhook promises to help people get outdoors more often, and is committed to creating 3 million new hunters in the next 5 years. The Powderhook app and website are designed to connect beginning outdoorsmen and women looking for information with resources so they can have successful, enjoyable days afield.