Introducing the Realistic New Competition Series Target That’ll Help Shooters Achieve Consistent Accuracy

Janesville, WI — Whether you plan to spot and stalk groundhogs to keep them from wreaking havoc on your land, or you want to hone your skills for bow season or an upcoming competition, the new Competition Series Groundhog Target from Rinehart Targets® is another exciting archery target to add to your arsenal.

“We all need smaller targets in our collection to help with increased shooting precision and accuracy, and the new Groundhog Target can take on your fastest shots with stride,” said James McGovern, President of Rinehart Targets. “Built exclusively from our Signature Self-Healing Foam, this lifelike target will be a powerful practice partner to help shooters obtain that consistent accuracy they strive for.”

The new Groundhog Target is the latest addition to Rinehart’s popular Competition Series, which incorporates a wide range of animal targets crafted with the finest self-healing foam that not only allows for precise scoring, but also quick and easy arrow removal. This extremely durable UV resistant foam can take on the fastest shots from both broadheads and field points without ripping or tearing, as well as stay looking and performing great through seasons of blazing sun and blankets of snow outdoors. It’s no surprise that the Competition Series is the choice of IBO, NASP and countless archery clubs across the country.

Rinehart Targets are crafted with lifelike sculpted and airbrushed details for uncanny realism that’ll turn heads, and the new Groundhog Target is no exception. It’s also sculpted in a pose that mimics the animal in its natural habitat, further adding to its authentic features. The woodchuck measures 22” tall and 24” long with a simulated weight of 30 pounds, which means the target is lightweight and easy to transport from the backyard to the truck and back.

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