Prepping Your Boat’s Exterior For Splash Down

Garland, TX (April 7, 2020) – Getting any vessel ready to splash after months of sitting idle is no small task. Fortunately, the innovative line of products from Corrosion Technologies, a leader in chemicals and coatings for the aerospace, military, industrial, and sporting worlds, makes the process simple.

Even if you’ve taken the best precautions before you put your boat up for the winter, the exterior is going to need a thorough cleaning before you deposit it back in the water for fishing or cruising fun. No matter where you store your boat in the offseason, dirt and grime manage to creep their way in – even in the most meticulous shrink-wrap job. Corrosion Technologies’ (your call on this, but I would use the apostrophe to show possession) 3-step approach to boat care is all you need to start the season off right.  Start with a deep surface cleaning, then coat with a long-lasting protectant and finally use a gentle cleaner for follow-up cleaning during the season.  This approach provides an advanced coating making it harder for dirt, grime and water-born fouling agents to take hold so you can enjoy more time on the water and less time scrubbing back at the dock. 

Start spring cleaning with Xtreme Clean™, a heavy-duty water-soluble cleaning concentrate and degreaser that is perfect for getting boat hulls spotless. Xtreme Clean excels at cutting through grunge on common boat materials such as fiberglass, gel coat, varnished wood, stainless, aluminum, marine paints, and carbon fiber surfaces. It easily removes tough stains, like fish slime, bug splats, bird bombs, tree sap, and road tar, and rapidly breaks down carbon, grease and exhaust soot while neutralizing acids. It is a great stripper to remove common waxes and carnauba waxes prior to applying RejeX®. Xtreme Clean could also be used for cleaning stained, greasy, mildewed bilges, degreasing engines, removing mildew from gel coat, vinyl seats and canvas. Xtreme Clean is a very powerful product and is designed to be used only for tough and extremely dirty surfaces. Pro Wash RX is a better choice for daily cleaning.

Before you splash, apply a coat of RejeX polymer coating to seal and protect against performance-robbing and stain-causing agents. Originally designed to stop jet turbine exhaust from adhering to aircraft paint, RejeX provides an ultra-high-release and high-gloss protective finish.  The finish is a crosslinked microfine quartz polymer matrix, which produces a coating system with surface dynamics like none other. This abrasion resistant coating repels the gunk that typically clings to boat hulls, so you can do less scrubbing at the dock after enjoying a day at sea.  The finish is so slippery that it quickly sheds waves when applied to windshields so you can hit the high seas with confidence. Unlike typical polishes and waxes that require many applications, you only need to apply RejeX once to get the UV protection and deep lustrous shine all season long.  

As the season progresses and the fun continues, Corrosion Technologies’ PRO WASH RXTM is a gentle, super-concentrated vehicle wash & shine shampoo.  It is specially designed to provide superior detergency while at the same time being extremely gentle on all vehicle finishes. PRO WASH RX contains special rinsing agents that enhance shine and help eliminate streaking.  

Xtreme Clean

  • A powerful cleaner/degreaser
  • Removes fish slime, exhaust stains, mildew, grease, mineral and tannin staining of hulls that are not protected by anti-fouling paint.
  • Quickly breaks down carbon and exhaust soot
  • Cuts through tough industrial grime
  • Economical: Dilutes with up to 60 parts water for cost-effective cleaning and   degreasing
  • Safe to use on all painted surfaces, gel coats, metals, stone and concrete, electrical insulation, rubber, and plastic surfaces.


  • Lasts 3-4 times longer than wax
  • Reduces cleanup time
  • Dirt and grime don’t stick to RejeX coated surfaces
  • Rejects even problem grime like fish slime and exhaust 
  • Reduces water spots
  • Rejects UV damage
  • Leaves an amazing shine

Pro Wash RX 

  • Specially formulated to gently clean all types of flying, rolling and floating stock
  • Neutral pH cleaner that is ideal for everyday use
  • Safe to use on exotic materials such as plexiglass, carbon fiber, etc.
  • Creates a luxuriant, sudsy foam to break up grease, grime and gently lift away dirt
  • Economical: Dilutes with up to 64 parts water for cost-effective cleaning
  • More shine with fewer streaks
  • Environmentally preferable non-butyl product containing biodegradable surfactants and zero VOCs
  • The perfect everyday wash for vehicles of all sorts, including cars, motorcycles, boats, RVs and airplanes
  • The ideal cleaning compliment for vehicles protected with RejeX

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