Primos Custom Mill Shop Creates One-of-a-Kind Premium Box Calls

Primos Custom Mill Shop Creates One-of-a-Kind Premium Box Calls

FLORA, Mississippi – May 29, 2019 – Primos Hunting, a leading innovator of game calls and accessories, recently launched an online Custom Mill Shop that allows hunters – or their family and friends – to order custom, personalized high-performance Primos Box Calls directly from Primos woodworks in Mississippi.

The new online Custom Mill Shop can be found at There, users can design a customized, high-grade version of the original Primos Heart Breaker box call. From that proven base, users can select either Maple or Cherry lids, custom patterns and laser-etched hunting scenes, as well as custom inscriptions and messages. And while these calls are works of art worthy of display, they also produce a sound that only the finest, select, hand-tuned hardwoods can create.

“Like all Primos calls, they offer the dependability needed for any type of hunting and will offer a lifetime of service in the turkey woods,” said Anthony Foster, who runs the Primos Call Shop. “We wanted this call to sound great. We really thought about that. With this being a custom box and the amount of engraving we’re taking out of the box, we needed the weight on the lid to be just right. We also changed some things internally in the box to give it the correct sound. It’s a Sapele box, and that works well with either a Maple lid or a Cherry lid. Both of them have somewhat the same properties.”

Each Custom Call costs $150, which includes free shipping. Every call is unique, but they are all hand-tuned by a Primos Master Craftsman. All scenes begin as 2D art that are painstakingly enhanced by Primos’ own artist, Chris Hall, into a 3D engraving with stunning detail and depth. Each scene he creates represents more than 40 hours of honing and refinement.

Each Custom Call receives a mark of authenticity from the Master Craftsman and is shipped in a protective package. Custom orders ship within 15 business days of the order. That means there is still time for guaranteed delivery for Father’s Day! Father’s Day orders must be received by June 5.

To learn more about the Primos Custom Mill Shop, visit or watch the video at

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