Primos Hunting Offers Variety of Trigger Stick Gen 3 Accessories

Primos Hunting Offers Variety of Trigger Stick Gen 3 Accessories

FLORA, Mississippi – October 24, 2018 – Primos Hunting, a leading innovator of game calls and hunting accessories, continues to revolutionize the shooting aid market with additional accessories for the latest generation of the legendary Trigger Stick.

The new Primos Trigger Stick Gen 3 offers users more adaptability than ever before with an innovative Quick Detach Yoke System. This locking QD system—combined with smoother panning action, new locking leg angles, and the Trigger Stick’s famous one-hand adjustments at just a pull of the trigger—make the Trigger Stick Gen 3 the ultimate aid for every outdoor situation. Now, users can quickly switch from firearm yolk, to camera/optic mount, and back, while maintaining the ultimate in trusted adjustability.

The Trigger Stick’s new Camera Mount Plate is designed to work with all Trigger Stick Gen 3 models. It features a ¼-20 UNC threaded post that fits most optics/camera bases. Trigger Stick Gen 3 tripods ship with this plate, but now Primos offers additional plates for bipod and monopod owners. Plus, with a retail price of just $10.95, users can afford to purchase multiple plates to leave on their cameras, spotting scopes and binoculars.

In addition, Primos has added a Crossbow Yoke attachment that is designed to work with the Trigger Stick Gen 3 Quick Detach system and engineered to support a wide variety of crossbow models. The smooth panning action helps crossbow users rotate, scan and make the perfect shot, effortlessly. The widened V-Yoke is $16.45, and gives the crossbow stable support to keep steady and accurate. Crossbow-specific versions of the Trigger Stick Gen 3 Tall Tripod and Monopod are also available with V-Yoke already equipped. They have a MSRP of $193.45 and $87.95, respectively.

Finally, protect and carry your Trigger Stick Gen 3 with the new Trigger Stick Tall or Short Scabbards. Designed to hold all Trigger Stick models, these carrying scabbards can be attached to bags or gear vests with built-in MOLLE and buckles. Or, use the supplied shoulder strap for hands-free carrying. It also protects your investment in storage or during travel. The Tall Scabbard has an MSRP of $21.95, while the Short Scabbard for short tripod, bipod and monopod models is $17.95.

Primos is one of the most recognizable and trusted names in hunting calls, attractants, trail cameras and accessories. To see all of these new Trigger Stick Accessories and the innovative Trigger Stick Gen 3, visit or watch all about them at

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