Primos Releases New Turkey Calls, SurroundView Blinds and TSS Chokes at NWTF Convention & Sport Show

FLORA, Mississippi – February 14, 2019 – Primos Hunting, a leading innovator of game calls and accessories, will showcase several new products—including turkey calls and blinds—at the 2019 NWTF Convention & Sport Show in Nashville, Tennessee, February 15 to 17. Will and Jimmy Primos will also be on hand throughout the show at booth #1113 to answer questions, give calling seminars and sign autographs.

The Primos booth will display a host of new products, headlined by several new models of “Mississippi Built, U.S.A. Proud” turkey calls, and two new additions to the revolutionary Double Bull SurroundView line. Constructed with exclusive one-way see-through walls, SurroundView technology lets hunters spot all the game they would miss with traditional blinds, yet remain just as concealed.

The new Double Bull Stakeout Blind is a smaller version constructed with two one-way see through walls, so you can see every movement in front of you without moving to peek around or above the blind to steal a glance. Three shooting windows are perfectly positioned for multiple shooting options. Its two-hub design keeps both walls sturdy yet easy to pop up and take down.

Meanwhile, the new Double Bull SurroundView Turkey Decoy is a one-of-a kind reaping decoy built with exclusive one-way see-through technology. Now you can creep right up to a gobbler or fan him in while you witness every moment behind the one-way see-through fan.

Primos will also showcase three new box calls, five new pot calls, two new mouth call options, and a reintroduction of the Snuff Tube turkey call. This new Foggy Bottom Snuff Tube Call is one of the most versatile turkey calls in the woods. It creates unique clucks, cuts, yelps and gobbles—all from one call. The molded tube and reed ensures perfect fit and reed tension for making all the sounds you need in the woods.

The new Revival box call is a long box design with lots of volume. It faithfully reproduces long yelps and great cuts. Meanwhile, the new Clear Cutter box call offers clear and crisp hen cuts and clucks with a thumb groove that allows your hand to act as a spring. Its yelps start high and roll off to a raspy low finish. If you need to make a gobbler talk, rain or shine, the new Primos Waterboard is your call. With each side producing different tones, you can replicate the sounds of multiple hens’ cuts, clucks, purrs or yelps on this 100-percent waterproof call.

Primos’ new premium pot call, the Rare Breed, is offered in both slate and glass surfaces. Its comfortable rounded cup fits great in your hand with outer edges that produce higher yelps, cuts and clucks. Lower and deeper tones can be made toward the middle. For more options, the new Foggy Bottom Pot Calls with Mossy Oak Original Bottomland Camo are offered in both Frictionite and Glass surfaces. These field-proven pot calls have countless successful hunts to their credit and are now available in Original Bottomland camo. The new Hensanity Molded Slate call is designed to give you tone control in all your yelps, clucks, cuts and purrs. Molded tone ports allow you to simply cover or uncover the ports to dial in the exact tone and volume you are looking for. The Pennsylvania slate surface is very responsive.

Finally, the Mossy Oak line of mouth calls gets two new options. The Mossy Oak Eclipse Combo Cut Mouth Yelper offers one latex reed and two prophylactic reeds for long range volume. The combo cut produces clear and raspy yelps. Also available is a new two pack that includes the Ghost Cut in Mossy Oak Original Bottomland and Bat Cut in Mossy Oak Obsession.

Turkey hunters should also note the new Primos TSS Choke Tubes. Specifically designed for the TSS loads that have become extremely popular, these chokes will also shoot tight patterns with HEVI-Shot, copper-plated and traditional lead shot. When paired with Federal Premium’s 3-inch No. 9 TSS load, these new chokes have produced an astounding 350 pellets in a 10-inch circle at 40 yards!

These new products will be available for sale in the Primos Booth (#1113) while supplies last. In addition, starting Friday, February 15, “Primos TRUTH About Hunting” team members Will Primos, Jimmy Primos, Troy Ruiz, Jordan Blissett and Lake Pickle will be in the Primos booth (#1113) to talk about turkey hunting and sign autographs for show attendees.

Will and Jimmy Primos will host a Turkey Calling Tactics seminar in Ryman Studio ABDE from 1 to 2 p.m. on Saturday, February 16.

Pickle, Blissett and Ruiz will host calling seminars from 1 to 2 p.m. in the Kids Village on Friday, February 15 and Saturday, February 16, and at 10 to 11 a.m. on Sunday, February 17.

Hunters who can’t attend the convention can learn more about all of these new products at

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