Pro-Drag® Trails End® #307® Combo By Wildlife Research Center®

Pro-Drag® Trails End® #307® Combo By Wildlife Research Center®

Wildlife Research Center®, the leader in Scent and Scent Elimination, has now released the Pro-Drag® Trails End® #307® Combo. High performance Pro-Drag® scent dispenser paired up with the scent that started it all. 

The Pro-Drag® is made with a special synthetic felt for maximum scent absorption and dispersal. It will not react with and change the scent. Designed with tails that easily dip into your scent bottle without making a mess. The Pro-Drag® is far superior to other scent drag products.

Super Charged® Trails End® #307® with Scent Reflex® Technology is an improved version our very first product we had.  It is the hottest pre-rut and rut buck lure you can use. This complex lure contains doe urine with estrus secretions and at the same time, incorporates additional strong attraction qualities to pique many of a buck’s interests all at once.  Lure him all the way to the end of your scent trail for that perfect shot!

Pro-Drag® Trail’s End® #307® Combo includes 1 FL OZ bottle of Trails End® #307® and two Pro-Drag® scent dispensers, and 1 drag rope. MSRP on this combo is $12.99 

Wildlife Research Center® is known for its innovative products in Scents and Scent Elimination. It’s their extreme passion and superior quality that has propelled them to be the leader in the category.  “Helping Hunters Fill Tags for 37 Years!”

100% Money-Back Guaranteed – direct by Wildlife Research Center®.

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