Pro Ears Stealth 28 New for 2019

Pro Ears Stealth 28 New for 2019

Pro Ears is proud to announce that their Stealth 28 has been updated for 2019 and offers unparalleled active electronic hearing protection in a lightweight, water resistant, and comfortable device.

The Stealth 28 is an in-ear hearing protection solution that uses a temple hugging design to ensure a secure and comfortable fit while being worn behind the user’s head. The Stealth 28 allows the user to wear headgear without impacting the protection offered by the device. Pro Ears includes three different size sets of earbuds allowing for a superior fit for any size ear canal. Weighing only twenty grams, the Stealth 28 can be worn all day comfortably.

The most important job the Stealth 28 performs is protecting its wearer’s hearing from sudden and unexpected loud noises. Utilizing Pro Ears’ proprietary Dynamic Level Sound Compression technology, Stealth 28 users can enjoy sound amplification of noises under 70 dB and sound reduction of noises over 70 dB.

New for 2019, the Stealth 28 features an upgraded noise reducing wind cover over its exterior microphones, so the wearer doesn’t have wind noise amplified over the sounds they need to hear. This new protective foam further reduces the amount of wind noise a wearer may encounter while using them outdoors.

Pro Ears wants wearers to enjoy the benefits and comfort of the Stealth 28 for as long as possible, which is why it features a rechargeable battery that lasts up to eighteen hours. It also features a convenient micro-USB charging port that can have the battery fully charged in one hour.

Now available, the Stealth 28 is a lightweight, comfortable, technology-packed solution for active electronic hearing protection that lets its users hear only what needs to be heard. New Stealth 28 models enjoy a greater and more efficient reduction of wind noise over previous models.  Available online through Pro Ears’ website, for $59.99 the Stealth 28 can be purchased in either green or black.