Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) Creates Social Media Influencer Qualification Category

Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) Creates Social Media Influencer Qualification Category

JOHNSTOWN, Pa. (September 6, 2018) — The Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) recently created a Social Media Influencer membership qualification category, available for both Voting media members and Associate media members (non-voting). The category was created and approved by POMA’s board of directors at the 2018 Annual Business Conference in Lincoln, Neb. Requirements are outlined below. Membership dues are $200 per year for media members; $100 per year for retired media members and $50 per year for students. Payment plans are available upon request. Click here to apply for a membership.

The category is defined as a professional social influencer who provides the following:

  • Digital content and brand representation services
  • Distribution of content primarily through social channels
  • Provides purchase guidance to consumers and followers through produced content

Requirements for Associate media member (must meet at least three of the four requirements) Requirements for Voting media member (must meet all four requirements)

  • Receives payment for digital media services such as writing, photos, videos, appearances
  • Has previously been paid in product for produced content
  • Promotes other companies and products through their content
  • Produces informational and educational editorial-style text/images/video about/related to outdoor sports.

“We have received numerous requests from social influencers who didn’t fit the mold of our other media categories and so we knew given today’s landscape of media, we must create a category just for them,” said Tony Bynum, POMA’s board of director’s president. “POMA welcomes all to our table and we believe if you are helping Corporate Partners by providing informational and educational content for the outdoors space, you should become a member.”

“As an industry, no single title or organization functions alone. We all rely on each other and our relationships to keep the mission of the outdoor industry intact. POMA is the place to form and grow those ties, whether you measure your success in column inches or followers,” says POMA Executive Director Kevin L. Orthman.

POMA offers a long list of member benefits for media members and Corporate Partners. Review media membership benefits here and Corporate Partner benefits here. Apply for a POMA membership here.

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