QALO Introduces The Companion Collection

SANTA ANA, Calif. (Oct. 9, 2018)QALO, the brand behind the functional wedding ring worn by the likes of Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Steph Curry, is pleased to introduce The Companion Collection, a line of personalized dog identification tags and handmade dog beds.

“At QALO, we believe life is centered around family—and family, for us, includes our dogs,” said KC Holiday, president and co-founder of QALO. “The unique bond that we have with our pets, as well as a need for a more functional solution to dog tags, is what inspired us to create this new line.”

Unlike traditional dog tags, QALO’s dog ID tags are quiet, scratch-resistant and feature unique designs. They are available in 11 double-sided designs and can be personalized to feature the dog’s name on one side with the owner’s contact information on the other side.

To complement the dog ID tags, QALO is also introducing new dog beds. They are built with handmade Serape fabric on one side and soft Sherpa on the other side, giving dogs the option to sleep on either side, and are accented with a genuine leather patch that can be customized with the dog’s name. The foam-blend insert is supportive enough to permanently hold its shape, while providing maximum comfort for dogs. The beds are offered in three different sizes: small (20”x30”), medium (26”x36”) and large (32”x42”), and are available in maroon and purple colors.

Dog tags retail for $24.95 and dog beds for $69.95-$139.95.

About QALO:

QALO is a lifestyle brand founded on the basis of commitment, with marriage and family at the heart of everything the brand does. In 2012, founders Ted Baker and KC Holiday were each newly married and excited to show their commitment, however they both hated their rings which proved to be prohibitive in their active lifestyles. They discovered that a comfortable, functional alternative to the traditional wedding band did not exist. From there, QALO was born and remains the most popular functional wedding ring on the market. This year, the brand is proud to introduce products for babies and dogs, allowing the brand to take the next steps in life with its consumers. Connect with QALO on Facebook @QALO, on Twitter @QALOringand on Instagram @QALO.#QALO #QALOring