QDMA Partners With onX Hunt on CWD Map Layer

QDMA Partners With onX Hunt on CWD Map Layer

ATHENS, GA (August 14, 2018) – The Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) has partnered with onX, a leader in mobile mapping technology for outdoor adventures, to provide users of the onX Hunt app with a free chronic wasting disease (CWD) map layer. The layer is designed to make deer hunters more aware of CWD and its presence so they can comply with harvest, testing, and carcass transportation rules intended to help stop the spread of this serious disease.

“CWD continues to spread and has been identified in 25 U.S. states and three Canadian provinces,” said Steve Levi, QDMA Director of Corporate Relations. “Deer hunters should know where CWD has been confirmed to ensure they have their deer tested following a successful hunt and follow proper carcass disposal guidelines. QDMA will continue to fight for deer hunters by supporting CWD research and management efforts and ensuring hunters have access to the most accurate information on managing and preventing the spread of CWD.”

The new CWD layer is free for those who purchase the onX Hunt app. When the nationwide layer is activated, it highlights in red each county where the disease has been confirmed. Tapping or clicking inside any effected county will pull up the QDMA’s CWD webpage for additional information.

“With the recent discovery of CWD in our home state of Montana in the 2017 hunting season, onX has experienced a real eye-opener on this nationwide issue,” said Matt Seidel, onX Hunt Product Manager. “We are excited to join forces with QDMA — who is at the forefront of CWD research and is actively working with state and federal agencies — in the search for a solution for the future. Together we can help educate hunters about CWD and bring awareness to this issue.”

As part of their partnership with QDMA, onX Hunt is offering a 20 percent discount off their Premium Membership by using code QDMA at onXmaps.com, and all attendees of a fall 2018 or spring 2019 QDMA Branch banquet will receive a promo card for a free, one-year onX Premium Membership.

The onX Hunt app is available on iTunes or the Google Play Store, as well as at www.onxmaps.com.

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