Rage Expands the Popular Trypan Broadhead Line with a New Crossbow Version

Now both vertical and horizontal shooters can take advantage of this deadly broadhead.

SUPERIOR, WI – Introduced last year at the Archery Trade Association Show, the Rage Trypan rapidly became one of the most popular broadheads among avid bowhunters. With its incredible strength, huge slap-cuts on entry and a sweptback blade angle for unprecedented penetration, it was not surprising how quickly the Trypan gained notoriety. Now, this most sought-after broadhead is available in a crossbow version with a specifically notched High Energy Shock Collarâ„¢ to withstand the powerful launch of crossbows.

The new Rage 100-grain Hypodermic Trypan Crossbow features a needle-like, streamlined titanium ferrule and 2-inch cutting diameter that creates an oversized slap-cut entry hole. The Trypan Crossbow’s .039-inch-thick razor-sharp stainless-steel blades slide into a sweptback blade-angle configuration, and despite the fact that the blades deploy to a monstrous 2-inch cutting diameter, the broadhead has just a 3/4-inch diameter in-flight profile.

The red polymer Trypan-specific Shock Collar provides exceptional blade retention and consistent, reliable blade deployment. The one-time-use Shock Collars are indexed to notches in the Trypan’s titanium ferrule, so they can never be put on incorrectly. Three additional collars are included in each pack. Replacement blades and Shock Collars are also available for purchase separately.

The new Rage Hypodermic Trypan Crossbow comes in a three-pack and is available at retailers nationwide and conveniently online at https://feradyne.com/rage-broadheads/.

Rage Broadheads are the award-winning, number-one-selling expandable broadheads, and feature SlipCam technology and revolutionary rear-deploying blades that fly like field tips yet are fully expanded at the moment of impact. Available in two- and three-blade designs, Rage Broadheads provide huge entry holes, gaping wound channels, exceptional penetration and better blood trails. Rage also manufactures a line of ready-to-shoot arrow/broadhead/field-point packages for both vertical bows and crossbows.

A FeraDyne Outdoors brand, Rage is headquartered at 1230 Poplar Avenue, Superior, WI 54880. To learn more, call 1-800-282-4868; visit https://feradyne.com/rage-broadheads/, or get social with Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ragebroadheads/ and Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/ragebroadheads/.