Ranew’s Firminator Disc Harrow: A Plow for All Conditions

If you want to do the job right you should use the proper tool. Building food plots involves several very different tasks, each of which calls for specific and quite different tools. Furthermore, each site is unique, which means the best tools will have a certain degree of versatility. The engineers at Ranew’s have all this in mind when designing the Firminator – one tool that’s the right tool for almost any job. The disc harrow component emphasizes that being designed for the specific task of turning soil but with enough built-in versatility for almost any site conditions.

For starters, there’s no need to disk the soil with other equipment first. The Firminator will do every part of the preparing and planting process from start to finish. A wide range of angle and pitch adjustments allows you to perform many different functions for a variety of site and soil conditions.

Change the pitch by shortening or lengthening the top link adjustment of the three-point connection. Shortening leans the Firminator more heavily onto its disk assembly for a deeper cut. Mid range settings give you varying degrees of disk depth while still allowing the cultipacker to maintain good ground contact and continue breaking apart clods while leveling and firming the soil. Further lengthening allows disks to be carried up off the ground so the cultipacker can roll on the soil with additional frame weight to firm up the seed bed prior to planting small seed, and provide better seed-to-soil contact during the seeding pass.

Adjust disk angle aggressiveness to suit and loosen your particular soil type and situation easily by removing a pin and sliding the pivoting disk beam to one of many holes on an arc. Adjustments allow you to choose from straight, 5-, 10-, 15- and 20-degree angle settings for almost any soil condition imaginable. Use the straight or minimal angles for lightly opening thatch and soil to perform over-seeding without disturbing existing forages in no-till seeding situations. If a minimal till operation is desired, the angle and pitch can be adjusted to slightly cut through top litter without disturbing the soil excessively. Or, for new sites that may be choked with debris or a dense layer of sod you can set aggressive disk angles along with a heavy forward tilt of the entire unit for deeper disk penetration.

The heavy, 18-inch Firminator disk blades are notched for aggressiveness and made of 9-gauge steel for durability. Furthermore, they are spaced at 6-inch spacing with custom-made iron disk spools rather than the standard 7-1/2 inch distance. This means more disk blades across the width of The Firminator (12 on the six foot unit), resulting in a more thorough cut into the soil, and with fewer passes. Standard disk blade scrapers prevent mud and vegetation build-up, and an adjustable center-ripper shank cuts the margin of soil between the two center blades. Last but not least, disk axles are carried in triple-sealed replaceable bearings, and feature cast-iron spools for weight and durability

The Firminator comes standard with 9-inch diameter cultipacker wheels but is also available with a 16-inch diameter upgrade that is particularly suited for sandy or extremely loose soils where the larger diameter prevents soil from flowing up and over the wheels and effectively overtakes and cultipacks these soil types.

Product Features:

Firminator Model No. 6C

MSRP $8,500.00

  • Disk angle adjustments include: straight, 5, 10, 15, and 20 degrees
  • Pitch adjustment for lighter or heavier cut
  • Disks can be carried up off the ground for cultipacking
  • Disk blades are heavy, 18-inch, notched 9-gauge steel
  • Disk blades are spaced at 6 inches for more thorough cut with fewer passes
  • Disk blade scrapers prevent mud and vegetation build-up
  • Adjustable center-ripper shank cuts soil margin between center blades
  • Disk axles carried in triple-sealed replaceable bearings
  • Disk axles feature cast-iron spools for weight and durability

Ranew’s Outdoor Equipment features the Firminator – The Firminator is by far the most versatile piece of equipment in the industry. The operator can choose from a wide range of angle and pitch adjustments to perform many different functions.

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