ReadyWise Joins Plastic Impact Alliance

A unified movement to eradicate single-use plastics from the outdoor industry

Salt Lake City, Utah (02/12/20) — ReadyWise Adventure Meals is proud to announce that they’ve joined the Plastic Impact Alliance—a grassroots commitment to eradicating single-use plastic from the outdoor industry.

“We are so excited to have ReadyWise join the Plastic Impact Alliance, bringing more force and traction to this imperative shift in our businesses, at Outdoor Retailer, and all of our industry gatherings,” said Kristin Hostetter, editor in chief of SNEWS and co-founder of the Plastic Impact Alliance. “Our industry is passionate and leading the charge in sustainability and climate change. Eradicating single-use plastic from our businesses and events is one of the most impactful things we can do on these fronts.” 

The Plastic Impact Alliance heightens the Plastic Impact Promise—a commitment by Outdoor Retailer attendees to not use single-use plastic bottles. The alliance unifies sustainability-forward brands, retailers, and companies to achieve a common goal of creating a more authentic and sustainable industry. 

Plastic Impact Alliance members have committed to a few key tenets: 1) encouraging all employees to sign the Plastic Impact Promise, 2) if exhibiting at Outdoor Retailer, hosting a water station and providing reusable service wear at show events, and 3) helping us promote the cause and raise awareness. 

Plastic pollution is one of the most important environmental problems we face today, and our industry has the power to have a huge collective impact that aligns in an authentic way with our brands. 

The Plastic Impact Alliance is a collaborative effort open to all organizations who commit to doing their part. To join, send an email to with your company logo. 

New for Outdoor Retailer Market 2020, the Plastic Impact Alliance and members will work to responsibly recycle and eliminate additional single-use items that are prevalent on the show floor, including polybags and pallet wrap.

About Plastic Impact Alliance
Plastic Impact Alliance was launched in January 2019 by outdoor industry members dedicated to reducing single-use plastic at the industry’s biannual trade show. The effort, initially focused on the rejection of plastic water bottles and encouragement of more water stations, has continued its long-term mission to help make the outdoor industry’s trade zero-waste. Made up of hundreds of brand members, the Plastic Impact Alliance rallies industry leaders and newcomers alike to align on a mission of eradicating plastic waste to keep our sustainability goals consistent wherever we conduct business. For more information on the Plastic Impact Alliance, please visit: