Real Avid Creates the Bit Set of the Future with Smart Drive 90

Smart Drive 90 isn’t just another bit set. Real Avid set out to create a unique perspective on an often commoditized product. The result of these endeavors is the Smart Drive 90.

“The Smart Drive 90 is the ultimate solution to a master grade gunsmithing bit set. We put tool grade steel bits in this kit with some additional functionality to make this bit set perfect for the gun bench or everyday use,” said Howard Tripp, Chief Innovation Officer at Real Avid. “We know the smallest details make the biggest difference and we feel we captured those details with this set.” 

The Smart Drive 90 features a unique driver that comes with a jeweler’s top handle for one hand adjustments but the biggest innovation is a click of a button away. A super bright, 360° COBB LED light illuminates your work area with zero shadows to make working in small areas or dark recesses an easy task. “This innovation will change the way people approach gunsmithing and ultimately make any job easier. But we didn’t stop there,” said Howard Tripp. “We included a smaller driver that can be used alone or when paired with the main driver, it offers Torque Assist to give the user the ability to apply more torque without straining or stripping screws. This is perfect for rusted on fasteners.”

The Smart Drive 90 comes in a well-organized case with a magnetic compartment to store and hold lose fasteners and springs during disassembly.

The Smart Drive 90 retails at $99.99 and is available now.

About Real Avid

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