Real Avid introduces a brush set that works, Smart Brushes

Toothbrushes are designed for teeth, not guns. The new line of gun specific brushes from Real Avid takes a new approach to how you should be cleaning your guns. Smart Brushes were designed from the ground up with gun owners in mind.

Four different shaped heads come in two materials; phosphor bronze and nylon. These heads are designed to fit into the dark recesses of your guns as well as the hard to reach areas like rails and bolts. These brushes feature trimmed down bristles  which means more brushing power and reduced splaying. A glass-filled nylon handle bends in your hand but is capable of putting extra pressure on the brush. On the backside of the brushes are angled picks and scrapers for extra capability.

Smart Brushes retail at $9.99 and are available now.

About Real Avid
Since 2009, Real Avid has focused on innovation, design and one-of-a-kind products to make modern hunters and shooters more capable and better prepared. Our constant study of real world gun users, combined with an utter impatience for work-arounds and old thinking, fuels our quest to create better products and superior user experiences. This is the Real Avid way, and our products are our testament.  Visit for more information and to see the full line of Real Avid products.