Real Avid’s New AR15 Master Bench Block –Simple Pin Removal

Real Avid’s New AR15 Master Bench Block –Simple Pin Removal

Real Avid creates an innovative AR15 bench block designed to make the disassembly and installation process of key pins easier, with the AR15 Master Bench Block.

Holds Key Gun Components & Easily Remove Pins

The most comprehensive AR15 bench block ever allows you to tap up to 14 critical pins from 5 different components.  The block is wrapped in an over-molding that grips to your bench and clear, engraved labels aid in organization of component placement, and size of punch needed for the particular AR15 part. Included within the block are magnets for keeping pins from getting lost and a storage spot for additional pins.

Product Specs

  • MSRP $29.99
  • Holds five key gun parts in seven orientations to easily remove all pins
  • Non-slip outer ring steadies block during use
  • Embedded magnets hold small pins after removal
  • Includes storage for common pin sizes

About Real Avid

Since 2009, Real Avid has focused on innovation, design and one-of-a-kind products to make modern hunters and shooters more capable and better prepared. Our constant study of real world gun users, combined with an utter impatience for work-arounds and old thinking, fuels our quest to create better products and superior user experiences. This is the Real Avid way, and our products are our testament.  Visit for more information and to see the full line of Real Avid products.  

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