Realtree and Frogg Toggs Announce Enhanced Partnership

Realtree and Frogg Toggs Announce Enhanced Partnership

October 10, 2018, Columbus, GA: Realtree and Frogg Toggs announce the signing of an agreement to strengthen the partnership between their two brands, as well as enhance their presence in the market place.

“Realtree is known worldwide for its incredibly effective camouflage patterns, marketing expertise, brand loyalty, and retail and manufacturing partnerships,” said Realtree Director of Licensing Brian Doughman. “Frogg Toggs has completely changed the way people think about staying dry and comfortable in the field. Any outdoorsman or woman who has ever used Frogg Toggs product knows just how effective, versatile and comfortable their products are. This partnership combines the best of both of our businesses into a true benefit for our customers and consumers.”

When asked about the new relationship with Realtree, Will Fowler, Frogg Toggs Marketing Director stated, “Realtree and Frogg Toggs are companies that are revolutionary and evolutionary at the same time. Realtree is the world leader in concealment and camouflage and Frogg Toggs is the worldwide leader in keeping folks dry and comfortable. Neither of these pursuits are static. They require constant development and understanding of the customers’ wants, and more importantly, needs. Realtree and Frogg Toggs share a common goal of being the world’s best brand and company in their respective industries, which makes working together an appealing proposition because you know your partner is working as hard as you are to create the products that the customers want and need for their outdoor pursuits. Partnerships of this nature are exciting because they open so many doors and create windows of opportunity that neither company may have realized without it.”

Details of the partnership include cooperation through product design, fabric development, marketing support and sales. Both Realtree and Frogg Toggs will support each other’s efforts in this regard to ensure customers and consumers have the best experience and success possible.

Beginning fall 2018, Frogg Toggs will launch products in new Realtree Timber, Realtree EDGE and Realtree Fishing. Numerous categories including clothing, rainwear, waders, boots and bags will be included in this Realtree/Frogg Toggs partnership.

About Realtree:

Realtree is the world’s leading camouflage designer, marketer, and licensor with over 2,000 licensees utilizing the Realtree camouflage brand. Thousands of outdoor and lifestyle products are available in Realtree camouflage patterns. In addition, Realtree is committed to supporting individuals and groups that work to ensure our outdoor heritage, the conservation of natural places, and the wildlife that resides there. Find Realtree on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and at