Remington Reintroduces Premier Scirocco Bonded Centerfire Rifle Ammunition

Remington Reintroduces Premier Scirocco Bonded Centerfire Rifle Ammunition

Lonoke, AR Remington Arms Company, LLC, (“Remington”) announces the reintroduction of the Premier Scirocco Bonded centerfire rifle ammunition line.

Premier Scirocco Bonded is some of the most versatile and reliable big-game ammunition offered today. Factory fresh brass is loaded with Swift Scirocco Bonded bullets, specially blended powders and Kleanbore primed for top performance.

Scirocco bullets feature a precision shaped polymer tip that defies frontal air resistance for less drag. Progressively tapered, heavy-based, pure copper jacket is bonded to the lead core for controlled expansion and maximum weight retention at all velocities. A secant ogive bullet profile and boat tail base offers a high ballistic coefficient while precise concentricity produces match grade accuracy.

Order # Cartridge Bullet Wt. Bullet Type MSRP
29320 243 Win 90 Swift Scirocco Bonded $43.50
29322 270 Win 130 Swift Scirocco Bonded $45.69
29316 7mm Remington Mag 150 Swift Scirocco Bonded $53.21
29335 7mm Rem Ultra Mag 150 Swift Scirocco Bonded $62.07
29328 30-06 Sprg 180 Swift Scirocco Bonded $45.69
29318 30-06 Sprg 150 Swift Scirocco Bonded $45.69
29345 300 WSM 180 Swift Scirocco Bonded $53.21
29330 300 Win Mag 180 Swift Scirocco Bonded $53.21
27950 300 Rem Ultra Mag 150 Swift Scirocco Bonded $62.07
27936 300 Rem Ultra Mag 180 Swift Scirocco Bonded $62.07
29332 308 Win 165 Swift Scirocco Bonded $45.69

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Remington Arms Company, LLC, (“Remington”) is America’s leading manufacturer of firearms, ammunition, and related accessories.  For over two centuries, its products have been sought after by hunters, shooters, collectors, home and personal defenders, as well as by government users in the US and in more than 55 of our allied countries.  Remington products served the US Military in every major conflict from 1816 to the present. Remington currently employs over 2,500 Americans, and operates major facilities in New York, Alabama, Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Missouri, South Dakota and Utah.  

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