Results Are In for CMP’s Inaugural Smallbore Postal Competition

Results Are In for CMP’s Inaugural Smallbore Postal Competition

In its inaugural year, the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) Smallbore Postal .22 rifle postal match saw over 230 entries. The postal match was held at participant’s home ranges from January to April. Participants were able to choose between 3-Position Smallbore (3×20, Kneeling, Prone, Standing) with metallic sights or Prone 60 Shot (Sling and F-Class). All matches were fired from 50 feet.

Junior athletes led the 3×20 competition overall, with Emma Pereira, 17, of Chesapeake, Virginia, besting the field with a score of 583-25x. Pereira outscored past Junior Olympic competitors Natalie Perrin, 18, of Coopersville, Michigan, and Rachel Engels, 18, of Meridian, Idaho, who reached second and third, respectively. 

Andrew Duross, 17, of Marlborough, Massachusetts, claimed the overall spot in the Prone 60 Shot metallic sights event – surpassing his junior comrades as well as the adults with a score of 616.5. Frank Garbouchian, 63, of Fremont, New Hampshire, topped the scoped category, while CW3 Allen Wood, 69, of Mico, Texas, overtook the F-Class event.

During the Smallbore Postals, adult and junior competitors completed each course of fire at their home ranges before sending results to the CMP for official recording. All scoring was configured with the use of the Orion Scoring System.

Andrew Duross claimed both the open and junior titles for the prone 60-shot (metallic sights) match.

Awards were presented to the Top 3 performers in each event of the CMP Smallbore Postal competition. Congratulations to the following individuals:

3×20 (Open and Junior):

  1. Emma Pereira, 17, Chesapeake, Virginia – 583-25x
  2. Natalie Perrin, 18, Coopersville, Michigan – 581-22x
  3. Rachel Engels, 18, Meridian, Idaho – 579-21x

Prone 60 Shot (Metallic Sights, Open):

  1. Andrew Duross, 17, Marlborough, Massachusetts – 616.5
  2. Larry Parker, 71, Swanzey, New Hampshire – 615.6
  3. Cameron Zwart, 36, Comstock Park, Michigan – 615.2

Prone 60 Shot (Metallic Sights, Junior):

  1. Andrew Duross, 17, Marlborough, Massachusetts – 616.5
  2. Kayla Kalenza, 17, Fort Mill, South Carolina – 613.4
  3. Griffin Lake, 15, Emmaus, Pennsylvania – 613.0

Prone 60 Shot (Scope):

  1. Frank Garbouchian, 63, Fremont, New Hampshire – 618.2
  2. Charles Trickett, 65, Woburn, Massachusetts – 611.2
  3. Robert Greene, 45, Wakefield, Massachusetts – 610.7

Prone F-Class:

  1. CW3 Allen Wood, 69, Mico, Texas – 611.3
  2. Capt Philip Beekley, 74, San Antonio, Texas – 606.7
  3. Michele Makucevich, 54, Willoughby, Ohio – 605.7

A complete list of results of the 2021 Smallbore Postals can be found on the CMP’s Competition Tracker page at

Frank Garbouchian was the top competitor in the prone 60-shot (scope) match.

Upcoming CMP Smallbore Opportunities:

Registration is now open for the CMP’s Smallbore events at the 2021 National Matches at Camp Perry. The smallbore phase will be fired July 20 through July 28 and will include 3-Position and Prone events for adult and junior athletes. For the first time, a smallbore Small Arms Firing School, led by members of the Army Marksmanship Unit, will be offered during the series. Learn more about the CMP National Matches smallbore events at

CMP Smallbore matches are also available all year long at various clubs throughout the United States through local match sanctioning. Interested clubs may host their own outdoor 3P and Prone matches as well as indoor 3P 50-feet matches. Find matches near you on the CMP Competition Tracker page at

CW3 Allen Wood fired a 611.3 to earn top honors in the prone F-Class match.

To learn more about the CMP’s Smallbore Program, including how to conduct match sanctioning, visit

— By Ashley Brugnone, CMP Staff Writer

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