Practice Has Never Felt so Real with New Woodland Strutting Turkey and Coyote Targets

Janesville, WI — Renowned 3D archery target manufacturer Rinehart Targets® is pleased to announce it has expanded its popular Woodland Series with the addition of two new realistic, long-lasting 3D targets to help archers hone their skills: the new Woodland Strutting Turkey and the new Woodland Coyote.

“Our Woodland Series targets have become a go-to choice of archers worldwide largely due to their lifelike features and long-lasting durability, and the new Woodland Strutting Turkey and Woodland Coyote are no exception,” said James McGovern, President of Rinehart Targets. “We’ve given extra attention to both form and finish on these new 3D targets, and we’re extremely proud to add them to the Woodland lineup.”

Rinehart Woodland Series targets can take an exceptional number of shots from both field points and broadheads from every possible angle without compromising integrity. This long-lasting durability is possible thanks to Rinehart’s arrow-stopping high-density Signature Series foam replaceable inserts. Plus, these animals are not just immune to the toughest arrow shots, Woodland Series targets are resistant to UV rays and the harshest weather Mother Nature can dish out, making them ideal for year-round practice in the backyard or in the field.

Both the new Woodland Strutting Turkey and Coyote are designed with hand-painted details to replicate the real thing. This includes a showcase of all feathers fully fanned on the Strutting Turkey (replicating an actual tom strutting in), plus a realistic size: height of 25.5-inches, length of 20-inches and a simulated weight of 14 pounds. The new Woodland Coyote measures 16-inches in height and 29-inches in length with a simulated weight of 24 pounds. While the targets are carefully crafted to appear they weigh as much as the real animal, they are actually quite lightweight, making them easily portable and ideal for on-the-go shooting sessions anywhere, anytime.

Like all Rinehart 3-D Targets, arrow removal is simple thanks to the animal core’s durable foam construction that can stop even the fastest arrows. Should the time ever come where countless hours of practice finally take its toll, a quick pop in of a replacement core (sold separately) will make these targets like new again.

The Rinehart Woodland Strutting Turkey Target has an MSRP of just $159.99 and the Woodland Coyote has an MSRP of $99.99.

About Rinehart Targets
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