Rockwell Tactical Group Launches New Membership Program

Rockwell Tactical Group Launches New Membership Program

Membership Perks Help Students Train Hard All Year Long

 Hershey, PA – June 19, 2018 – Rockwell Tactical Group (RTG) announces the launch of its new membership program. The Rockwell Tactical Group Membership offers members discounts on live-fire classes, repeated classes and other perks to make training more accessible and help students train hard year-round.

“Even with the best training, there’s no substitute for repetition. Getting to the range to train once or twice a year isn’t enough. The RTG membership is set up to help students get more reps without breaking the bank,” said Jared Ross, owner, Rockwell Tactical Group. “We’ve created A-Team and B-Team memberships. By becoming a part of the team students will get discounts on classes, so they can train more often and reach their goals.”

A-Team and B-Team RTG members receive discounts on pistol, carbine, and shotgun live-fire classes, one free seminar each year, first notification for new products and events, a $100 annual discount with Midwest and exclusive membership swag. A-Team members also receive 50% off repeated classes and one new shooter pass each year.

Learn more and sign up to become an RTG Member at:

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About Rockwell Tactical Group

Rockwell Tactical Group (RTG) gives students the tools, the ability, and the mindset to empower them to protect their loved ones. By teaching all levels of weapons training, from beginner to experienced, RTG prepares each student at his or her own pace to use their weapon safely, intelligently and, if necessary, lethally.  Rockwell Tactical Group’s weapons courses include carbine, shotgun and pistol, all rooted in real-world, principle-based training. Many courses go beyond weapons training, including mindset training, first aid, hands-on medical training, wilderness skills, and more. All RTG instructors have a background in the US Military or Law Enforcement, providing the same level of expert training learned and used while operating and training in the US and around the world.

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