Savage Arms Put One Rifle to the Test to See if One Gun Can Do It All

WESTFIELD, Massachusetts – December 19, 2019 – Back in the fall, Savage Arms teamed up with Powderhook to conduct an unusual test. They boxed up a single Model 110 and shipped it to one hunter after another, all around the country, for them to use in their hunts. The premise for this expeirment grew from this question—If you could own just one gun, what would it be? Now they have an answer.

The practical demands placed on this one rifle were daunting. With so many hunters shouldering the exact same gun, it would need to be adaptable. The experiment may not have worked if the Model 110 that made the trip wasn’t equipped with the Savage AccuFit stock. Hunters in Texas, Wyoming, Montana and South Carolina put the Model 110 Long Range Hunter chambered in .280 Ackley Improved to the test. Their stories can be found at

“Hunters and recreational shooters come in every size and background,” Eric Dinger, Co-Founder and CEO of Powderhook said. “One of the barriers to getting started in the outdoors is the cost of the equipment, especially for a family. At Powderhook, our entire business is focused on reducing those barriers. In answering this question, as the Traveling Accufit series has, I think we’ve made it clear you can get the job done with a single rifle.”

“A hunting rifle should feel like an extension of yourself,” Beth Shimanski, Director of Marketing for Savage Arms, said. “The AccuFit system ensures that your rifle will fit you—exactly—and that’s the key to getting on target fast, and for effortless shot placement.”

The versatility of the Savage Model 110 is legendary and makes it a contender for anyone looking for an all-purpose rifle. Model 110s are available in 25 variations and come in 25 calibers.

How well did the hunters do with the Long Range Hunter? This Model 110 is now a well-traveled gun. The rifle went to six regions, on seven hunts, and was handled by dozens of shooters, and the results speak for themselves:

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