ScentBlaster™ Gets More Scent Out, Attracts More Game

ScentBlaster™ Gets More Scent Out, Attracts More Game

Innovative design keeps wick wet to increase the reach and performance of any scent

EMORY, Texas — Heron Outdoors launches ScentBlaster™, a new, highly effective tool for hunters to more effectively disperse scent, over a greater period of time. With a proprietary natural fiber wick and an interchangeable scent reservoir, the ScentBlaster keeps your wick wet allowing you to create a continuous scent path that improves the reach and performance of any attractant or cover scent.

While most wick will dry out in an hour or so, the ScentBlasterWick™ absorbs scent from the two ounce reservoir, and stays wet for three days or more depending on weather conditions. Hunters can easily fill, change and store different scents in the removable and interchangeable reservoir. In addition, a small, silent fan produces constant airflow over the wick for improved scent distribution on windless days.

“The idea for ScentBlaster™ came to me while sitting in my blind one day with no deer activity and little wind. I knew my attractant scent had evaporated from the wicks I had hung earlier in the day,” said Heath Hardwick, co-founder of Heron Outdoors. “We created ScentBlaster™ to deliver a fresh and continuous scent path for a longer period of time compared to old school methods. Trail cams show deer, hogs, coyotes, bobcats and raccoons following the scent path right up to the ScentBlaster™.”

ScentBlaster™ is small enough to fit in any blind bag and runs off four AA batteries for more than 60 hours of continuous use.

“Since using ScentBlaster this season, I have brought deer in on every hunt with both cherry vanilla and doe estrus scent,” said Stacy Smith, ScentBlaster™ customer. “On my last hunt, I accidently left my ScentBlaster™ hanging on a tree, came back more than 48 hours later to get it. It still had scent in the reservoir and the fan was still blowing air through the wet wick.”

ScentBlaster™ was introduced last August at the 2017 Texas Trophy Hunters Extravaganzas in Houston, Fort Worth and San Antonio. The product is available online at, and, and can also be purchased at authorized dealers across the country.

About Heron Outdoors
Established in 2017 and based in Emory, Texas, Heron Outdoors was co-founded by Heath Hardwick and Randy Dotemoto with the mission to design, develop and manufacture innovative, branded consumer products for the outdoors industry. To learn more about ScentBlaster™, visit, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.