SCI’s Anna Seidman Receives Prestigious Gary Taylor Memorial Award

SCI officials announce that their Director of Legal Advocacy and International Affairs, Anna Seidman, was selected to be the first recipient of the Gary Taylor Memorial Award.

The award has been established by the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies to recognize a distinguished individual for outstanding achievement in the field of public conservation policy, specifically related to state fish and wildlife agency jurisdiction over fish and wildlife management.

The award is named after Gary Taylor, an ardent crusader for the role that state’s play in the management of America’s fish and wildlife resources and for fish, wildlife and natural resource laws and policies that have a significant influence or effect on states’ management of their public trust resources. He was dedicated to protecting, defending and preserving the authority of the state fish and wildlife agencies and supporting their agency missions by working on federal policies and laws that facilitate the implementation of science-based conservation on the ground in concert with their partners and constituents.

SCI is proud to announce that Anna Seidman is the recipient of this distinguished award which was presented at the AFWA awards banquet on September 24, 2019.

Anna has served as SCI’s lead litigation counsel since April of 1999. 

In legal case after legal case, over the last twenty years of her practice as a wildlife lawyer for SCI, Ms. Seidman has repeatedly promoted and defended state authority to manage, conserve, and facilitate regulated hunting of wildlife, including wildlife residing on federal lands. 

Ms. Seidman’s efforts to support state management authority are not restricted to the court room.  She recognizes that without the sound management decisions of state wildlife management agencies, the members of SCI and those of the general hunting community would be unable to participate in hunting and in the management and conservation strategies of state wildlife management authorities.  For that reason, several years ago, she instituted the SCI Western Directors Forum.  Each year, Ms. Seidman invites the directors of western state wildlife management agencies to participate in a panel discussion at the SCI Hunters’ Convention.  This forum has provided both the directors and SCI members with an opportunity to discuss key issues and concerns regarding hunting, wildlife management, law enforcement and the interaction of hunters and agency officials.

Ms. Seidman had tremendous esteem for the late Gary Taylor, in whose name AFWA has identified the award for which SCI has nominated Ms. Seidman.  In discussions about Gary Taylor, Ms. Seidman explained that “Gary was always generous with his time and expertise.  Whenever I reached out to Gary for help, he made time for my questions and even when he did not have the precise answer, his guidance generally led me in the direction I needed to find the right answer.”  

Ms. Seidman has done her best to follow that example and attempts to volunteer her time and legal knowledge to help solve each problem that poses an obstacle to states having the ability to provide regulated, sustainable-use-oriented management of wildlife.

SCI staff attending the AFWA conference to celebrate the award (LtoR): Cyrus Baird, Regional Manager of Government Relations – State; Jeremy Clare, Litigation Counsel & CITES Manager; Dr. Chris Comer, Director of Conservation, Safari Club International Foundation; Anna Seidman; Laird Hamberlin, SCI/SCIF CEO; Ben Cassidy, Director of Government Relations; Regina Lennox, Litigation Counsel

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