Seaguar® connects professional anglers with success

(October 29, 2019) – Success on the water requires purpose-driven tackle and conscientious attention to detail, and no detail is more important than the singular connection linking you to your finned adversary: your line. Indeed, your choice of line and leader has more potential to determine whether you return to the dock as a hero – or with your head hung in shame – than any other tackle selection you make. Success requires our line to resist failure during bone-piercing hooksets, that our knots remain sound in the midst of drag peeling runs and that our leader remains robust when pulled across rocks, wood and other abrasive structure. Seaguar® braided lines and 100% fluorocarbon leaders stand ready to make your dreams of magnum fish, in both fresh and saltwater, come true. 

Professional anglers are keenly aware of the fine line distinguishing success from failure, and routinely leverage years of experience, coupled with intuitive experimentation, in pursuit of gleaming trophies and supersized paychecks. Pros competing in the Bassmaster® Elite Series, the Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour and the FLW Tour are some of the most accomplished anglers in North America, and recognize the central advantages that Seaguar lines and leaders provide in their pursuit of monster sacks of largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass. Chris Zaldain and Drew Benton both notched top-10 finishes in the 2019 Bassmaster Angler of the Year competition, and recently described how they leveraged Seaguar lines and leaders on their way to superlative seasons. 

Chris Zaldain was a dominating force on the 2019 Bassmaster Elite tournament trail. Casting his way into the top 10 a total of five times — including three 2nd place finishes — the Fort Worth, Texas pro demonstrated incredible versatility on lakes, rivers, and reservoirs from north to south. Zaldain noted that February’s Bassmaster Elite event at Lake Lanier, where he cracked the code for deep water spotted bass, propelled him to a stand-out season. 

“I spent much of my time at Lanier chasing pre-spawn spotted bass that were staging in 40 to 50 feet of water,” confided Zaldain. “Those fish were set up on rocky points that led out into deep, cold, crystal-clear water. I needed a stealthy approach to trigger those big spots, and presenting baits with Seaguar line and leaders was central to my success.”

Zaldain positioned his boat over 60 to 70 feet of water, and relied on long casts to reach his pre-spawn spotted bass targets. “I was spooled up with 15-lb test Seaguar Smackdown™ in the high-visibility Flash Green color. The smooth, slick finish of Smackdown helped me make the long casts I needed to reach those fish, while positioning my boat as far away as possible to avoid spooking them.” Zaldain’s primary lure was a 3″ swimbait rigged on a 3/8-oz jig, which he linked to his Smackdown main line with a leader of Seaguar Tatsu™. “I used a nine-foot leader of 8-lb test Tatsu, joining my braided main line to the fluorocarbon leader with a 40-wrap FG knot. Tatsu is exceptionally soft and supple with outstanding knot strength,” continued Zaldain, “giving me extreme confidence in every link in my tackle chain.”

Zaldain’s reliance on Seaguar lines and leaders extends far beyond their strength. “One critical line factor that doesn’t receive the attention it deserves is diameter. Seaguar lines aren’t just strong – they pack all of that strength into exceptionally thin diameters,” asserts Zaldain, “which means they cut through the water with less resistance. On Lanier, the combination of Smackdown and Tatsu helped get my bait down to the deep, bottom-oriented spotted bass faster, without any bow in the line at all. Having direct contact with my lure on a straight line was a tremendous advantage for bite detection, and the no-stretch characteristics of Smackdown delivered positive, deep water hooksets.”

Drew Benton, the 2016 Bassmaster Elite Series Rookie of the Year, was a model of consistency during the 2019 season. Indeed, the Panama City, Florida professional angler cashed checks in each of the 11 events, and launched his successful season with his very first fish at the St. John’s River in January. 

“I had a camera with me that first day,” recalled Benton. “Emotions were running high, and I ran right a big female – an 8-lb class fish – that I found during practice. My first flip to her was with 20-lb test Seaguar InvizX®: my confidence fluorocarbon when I’m fishing around heavy cover and big fish.” Seaguar InvizX is a supple, castable main line that is at home on both spinning and casting reels. With InvizX, anglers enjoy all of the advantages of a 100% fluorocarbon line, including extremely low visibility underwater, imperviousness to sunlight and enhanced abrasion resistance.

“I remember standing there shaking my bait, wondering if that big gal was still there,” reflected Benton. “Then I felt a thump, set the hook and she barely moved! I fought her alongside the boat as she jumped and thrashed, but because of Seaguar InvizX, she was mine. That experience set the tone for my most successful season to date on the Bassmaster Elite series.”

We salute all of the professional anglers who relied on Seaguar lines and leaders to connect them with success in 2019, including the five Bassmaster Elite Series anglers who qualified to compete in the 2020 Bassmaster Classic: Stetson Blaylock, Chris Zaldain, Drew Benton, Keith Combs and Mark Menendez. These professionals leveraged the unique advantages provided by Seaguar lines to reach the pinnacle of the bass fishing universe, and epitomize the fact that Seaguar pros, just like their favorite braided and 100% fluorocarbon lines, are “Always the Best”!