SecureIt® Agile™ Model 52

Ordinary gun safes are horribly heavy and hard to move, due to manufacturers’ attempts to protect against theft and fire. The fact is, with an inexpensive angle grinder, a thief can cut right through the wall of a typical gun safe in just a few minutes.

And, the vast majority of gun safes are not truly fireproof. Furthermore, the internal drywall commonly used in gun safes contains chemicals that actually corrode firearms.

That’s why SecureIt® makes the Agile™ Ultralight Gun Safe. It’s a heavy-duty steel gun cabinet that protects against theft. Thanks to Knockdown Technology™, it ships and stores flat. Assembly is easy and can be done in minutes. And all assembly points are internal, so they’re inaccessible when locked.

The Agile™ Ultralight gun safe models utilize CradleGrid™ technology, giving you adjustability to create the perfect gun storage layout that’s right for you.  Add to or change your layout at any time as your gun storage needs change!

Don’t put up with the weight, bulk or toxicity of a traditional gun safe when you can get an Agile™ Ultralight Gun Safe to protect your investment.

Agile Model 52 Specifications:

  • 52″h x 20″w x 15″d
  • Weighs 105 lbs.
  • Keypad control panel
  • Key Override
  • KnockDown design for fast assembly
  • Recessed, full piano hinge swing door with 3-point locking system
  • Stores any 6 firearms up to 50″ in length

Price:  $599

Agile Model 52: