Securing and Monitoring What Matters Most

Securing and Monitoring What Matters Most

Be One of The Lucky Few Who Get Inside the Vault – Exciting New Products & FREE Beer

Lockdown®™ is revolutionizing what it means to protect, monitor, and secure what matters most. Using the new 2020 Vault Door by Lockdown®™, our “Cave” with FREE beer is hidden with invitation-only access*. A 4-digit code will give you an exclusive sneak peek at the future of home security and monitoring systems. You’ll get an up-close view of our legacy products, along with never-before-seen 2020 products from Lockdown®™, including the Puck™, In Plain Sight shelves, and a first look at the Lockdown®™ Logic App in action. Complimentary beer will be served from 12 p.m. – close (PST) daily. If you weren’t one of the lucky few to be given the code, be sure to stop by the booth every day, enter to win the giveaway, and enjoy a beverage as the winners are announced at 4:30 p.m. (PST).

*Must be age 21 or over to participate.

Secure your lifestyle at booth #13729

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