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Shield Republic Unveils New Company Logo

Shield Republic Unveils New Company Logo

Smithfield, NC (January 18, 2021) -Shield Republic’s ascent in the e-commerce marketplace has been nothing short of meteoric over the past two years. They have exploded on the market with various clothing and products for patriotic Americans who support the Second Amendment and conservative ideals. 

With that in mind, Shield Republic proudly introduces its newly designed logo, which speaks to the company’s forward thinking and unapologetically edgy flavor. 

Like so many small companies that make good, when Shield Republic was founded in 2016 by Barret Johnson and Ryan Carter in the North Carolina hometown, it was done with minimal resources with a dedication to the duo’s core values paramount above all else.  After taking off like a rocket, it became clear the original logo no longer entirely captured the spirit of what Shield Republic had become. 

The new Shield Republic logo represents the dominance the company has shown in the marketplace and the unwavering support of its loyal customers. They rely on them for quality products that project patriotism with a sense of humor that’s uncompromising in the face of an increasingly PC world. It also reflects the company’s commitment to freedom and liberty and its core values of honor and courage with a big, bold voice. 

Through the new year, Shield Republic will go through a sweeping rebranding campaign as well as a significant expansion to its online store, including a new line of products for every season of the year beginning in 2021. The new logo is just the beginning, with more fashion options on the way, along with more products designed for women and children. 

While several changes are on the horizon, Shield Republic’s dedication to values and its customers won’t be changing any time soon, and improvements to the company’s order fulfillment system, by the beginning of 2021, 95 percent of the company’s orders will ship within 24 hours!

About Shield Republic

Shield Republic was founded in 2016 by Barret Johnson and Ryan Carter to perpetuate the core values of honor, courage, and commitment while standing proud for freedom and liberty. The company is committed to creating products that aren’t influenced by political correctness and that Americans can feel proud to wear and use. Shield Republic also makes philanthropy a big part of its business, having donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in charitable contributions to families of fallen first responders since the company was founded. For more about Shield Republic, and to browse their apparel, hats, and other products, visit

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