Shoot-N-Glow Thermal Targets showcased in HogSWAT Booth at NRA Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA

(SMITHVILLE, GA) – HogSWAT, a tactical hog control company based out of southwest Georgia, will be showcasing Shoot-N-Glow Reactive Thermal Targets in BOOTH #4907 at the upcoming NRA Great American Outdoor Show scheduled for February 1-9, 2020 at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Shoot-N-Glow is the most durable and easiest way to zero your thermal weapon sight. The days of using hand warmers and walking down range are over. This robust target can be used day or night in all weather conditions. It is portable, handy and damn near indestructible.

“We have been using this targeting system since 2012 with countless rounds fired with zero failure,’ said navy veteran and founder of HogSWAT, Hal Shouse. “In 2009 I started hunting hogs at night, with thermal optics exclusively. It meant sighting in my weapons when I put new optics on or checking zero nightly before each hunt. Sighting in a thermal weapons sight presents problems you don’t get with traditional daytime optics. It only sees heat. Gone are the days of drawing rings with a sharpie on cardboard and shooting it. You can’t see ink or print with a thermal. So, I began my search for a true thermal target. Tin and steel scrap were the easiest to use. Once you shot it, it left a very bright, crisp heat signature. You could zero in on it with the crosshairs and basically use your first shot as the bullseye and make adjustments to your scope without having to walk downrange and see the holes. They were great while they lasted but after a few weeks of hunting every night, they looked like metallic Swiss cheese. Then I came across a material that allowed me to see my first shot clearly, it remained visible for about 10 minutes in the cool night air. To date, it’s been shot over 7000 times with a mixture of 223 and 308 rounds at 50 yards. It still has the same crisp, easily visible heat signature it had on day one…and now it can be yours!”

Shoot-N-Glow Reactive Thermal Targets will be available in an assortment of shapes and sizes in the HogSWAT BOOTH #4907 during the NRA Great American Outdoor Show.

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About HogSWAT

HogSWAT offers fully guided nighttime hog hunts, year-round, and supplies EVERYTHING you need to hunt; weapons, optics and ammo…and they use the best thermal optics and AR15’s available. They even process your kills so you can BBQ them when you get home!

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About NRA Great American Outdoor Show

The Great American Outdoor Show is a nine-day event celebrating hunting, fishing and outdoor traditions that are treasured by millions of Americans and their families. The show features over 1,100 exhibitors ranging from shooting manufacturers to outfitters to fishing boats and RV’s, and archery to art covering 650,000 square feet of exhibit hall space! Not to mention a jam-packed schedule including country concerts, fundraising dinners, speaking events, archery competitions, celebrity appearances, seminars, demonstrations and much more!

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