Shot-Force Reactive Targets joins the Ridge Road Outdoor Marketplace & Order Fulfillment Center

Rushford, MN – Shot-Force Reactive Targets joins the Ridge Road Outdoor Marketplace & Order Fulfillment Center to expand their reach and sales.

Shot-Force Target Systems company creates and builds “one of a kind” master crafted self resetting steel targets. All targets are designed and manufactured in the greatest nation in the world, the USA!

This company started from simple beginnings starting with it’s owner, Steve Davis. With his welding and engineering experience, Steve knew he could greatly improve what was being currently offered in the AR400 and AR500 target market.

The Shot-Force family is comprised of avid shooters and law enforcement officers that are focused on highly reliable, reactive and convenient down range targets.

Shot-Force Targets are made to meet the needs of many different groups of shooters from law enforcement, military, and the complete range of recreational and competitive shooters. Shot-Force Targets produce targets that can be used for 9mm up to 308 rifle rounds. These targets are available for AR400 and AR500 steel as well. After a successful shot and production of the characteristic sound of round meeting steel, Shot- Force targets reset themselves resulting in improved range efficiency by reducing trips down range to reset the targets.

For those shooting advocates that desire custom targets, Shot-Force offers customization and can be contacted direct if you are looking for specialty targets to meet specific needs.

Shot-Force Targets are now available through and available to all Ridge Road Outdoors Country Club members at special membership savings. Check their brand showcase on

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