Silencer Central Announces New Headquarters

Silencer Central, America’s largest silencer dealer, is proud to announce the acquisition of a new building for its South Dakota based headquarters. The company has purchased a 35,000-square-foot building on 11.5 acres in Sioux Falls and is centralizing multiple operations there.

“Our growing business model has simplified the silencer purchase process across the country propelling our operations into high gear,” said Brandon Maddox, CEO of Silencer Central. “The increase in demand has allowed for steady growth. We originally planned to build our own facility, but we found a unique opportunity here that we couldn’t pass up. We’re thrilled that Silencer Central was able to take ownership of an unoccupied building right here in Sioux Falls.”

Silencer Central currently has more than 125 employees across the country and plans to add more than 100 employees based in Sioux Falls before the end of the year.

Renovations of the building are underway and are being overseen by Smart Commercial Construction with VanDeWalle Architects. Many aspects of the original design are an ideal fit for Silencer Central’s mission. Chief among them is the built-in security utilized by the former tenant. The new state-of-the-art facility will combine the company’s Sioux Falls and Harrisburg operations, and will house corporate headquarters, sales, operations, CNC barrel threading and warehousing.

Silencer Central now delivers silencers directly to customers in the 42 states where silencers are legal. For more information, call 888-781-8778 or visit

 About Silencer Central:

Silencer Central started its illustrious journey in 2005 as South Dakota Silencer, an events-based business, created with the goal of reaching the underserved hunting and sport shooting market by simplifying the silencer ownership process. It became Dakota Silencer, and finally rebranded as Silencer Central after expanding its simplified process in August 2020 to all 42 states where silencers are lawful. Silencer Central makes it simple to purchase a silencer by managing the entire buying process for the consumer, providing a free NFA Gun Trust, offering interest-free payment options, and shipping directly to their front door, once approved.

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