Silent Legion on Predator Patrol

Oak Ridge, NC (Oct. 1, 2019) -There is a rush a hunter gets unlike any other when looking at a coyote or bobcat through the crosshairs of a scope. The skill used to call one of these elusive predators to the gun is noteworthy and most often the hunter has spent countless hours of dedication mastering their trade. And like the hunter, Silent Legion has mastered the art of suppressor technology.

Silent Legion, a veteran owned and run company, understands clearly what is needed for a great suppressor. The product developers and technology experts at Silent Legion use them for fun, sport and hunting, especially predator hunting.

Suppressor fit naturally with predator hunting as they greatly reduce sound and felt recoil. Whether using the SL-5RQ, a quick-detach .223/5.56 with a removable core, on a tricked-out AR-15 or a direct-thread SL-30, Silent Legion suppressors reduce sound by around 30 dBs.

While suppressors do not totally eliminate the sound of a shot, they do mask it enough to help keep other animals in the area from going on high alert. The use of suppressors while predator hunting helps reduce the sound that predators hear in the woods and fields. As a result, hunters are able to use successful setups for longer periods since coyotes and bobcats are much less wary when a rifle shot sounds like it came from much further than it did. This allows hunters to hunt longer and more effectively, which helps them put more coyotes, bobcats, raccoons and other predators into the bag.

Suppressors also bring that sound down to within safe sound ranges to prevent hearing damage and reduce recoil so follow up shots are more accurate. As such, those using Silent Legion suppressors are typically more accurate shooters.

Whether trying to save hearing or stealthily put game on the ground, Silent Legion builds suppressors for the job, and they stand behind them with the commitment of lifetime warranty.

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