Sirphis® LLC Under New Ownership

Sirphis assets have been acquired by an industry leading licensing camouflage company

MT. PLEASANT MILLS, PA – As of November 15, 2019, Sirphis LLC’s (formerly Moon Shine Camo) intellectual property was acquired by one of the industry’s leading camouflage licensing companies.  This acquisition is in response to the acquiring company’s interest in Sirphis (pronounced surface) lifestyle brands, expanding its offerings into the lifestyle category. 

“This acquisition was not only good timing for the new owner but us as well,” states Travis Mattern, president of Sirphis. “I have been very fortunate to surround myself with amazing people who have helped grow Moon Shine Camo, allowing us to expand into our more diverse offerings as Sirphis. It’s an honor to have such a reputable company see the value in all our lifestyle brands that they are set to take Sirphis, Muddy Girl, Lifestyle Camo, Pulse and Grit House to the next level.”

The new ownership will make a formal announcement of the acquisition in January 2020. They have already begun licensing initiatives with some of the industry’s leading brands and will focus on licensing the Sirphis brands from their corporate headquarters. Sirphis LLC will be liquidating all its current inventory through its Mount Pleasant Mills facility. Upon completion, they will be putting the facility up for sale.  If you are interested in purchasing any current apparel at liquidated pricing, contact Sirphis at for dealer pricing or shop online at

About Sirphis LLC:

Everything has and can be identified by its surface. Specializing in the design and application of surfaces, it was only appropriate for the company to be named Sirphis. A cutting-edge designer of quality brand name apparel and patterns, including Lifestyle Camo, Muddy Girl, Pulse, and Grit House, the company mission is simple: to develop patterns that have mass visual appeal, increasing the public demand for any product branded by its Sirphis”. For more information, visit or call 1-800-466-6674.