SnapSafe® Drop Box® Keypad Vault – Drop Down Defense for Handgun Security

SnapSafe® Drop Box® Keypad Vault – Drop Down Defense for Handgun Security

When seconds count, people need quick, quiet, and convenient access to their handguns for personal defense. The SnapSafe® Drop Box® Keypad Vault is the perfect handgun security solution for work or home. It securely mounts under a counter, desk or on the side of a nightstand. And after entering the code, the fast action drop-down door presents the handgun for quick access.

The vault easily opens using a user-programmable four-to-six-digit keypad code. The keypad’s silent mode prevents opening detection. Four AA batteries power the Drop Box Keypad Vault’s digital lock; it also opens using a mechanical key for failsafe entry. 

The Drop Box Keypad Vault is built with heavy-duty 16-gauge steel, keeping the handgun secure from unauthorized users. On the inside, a protective foam liner safeguards the pistol from scrapes and scratches. The liner’s design presents the handgun in a quick-to-grip position, allowing a fast draw from the vault.

The vault includes a mounting bracket for installation against the wall or underneath an overhanging structure like a desk. The simplicity of the design allows installation in minutes in any accessible location. 

SnapSafe is a leader in building innovative security solutions, and its Drop Box Keypad Vault is one such product. It’s an ideal vault for the storekeeper or homeowner who needs a handgun close by, secure, and ready to drop into action!

Drop Box® Keypad Vault Features: 

  • Conveniently mounts under a counter or desk or on the side of a nightstand
  • Programmable 4-to-6 digit keypad code provides security and quick access
  • Features fast-action, tamper-resistant drop-down door
  • Protective foam liner safeguards handgun 
  • Constructed of 16-gauge steel for exceptional security
  • Mounting bracket is easy to install
  • Selectable audible and visible low battery indicators
  • Requires four AAA batteries (not included)
  • Backup key lock override
  • Recognized by the California Department of Justice as an approved Firearm Storage Device (FSD)

Drop Box® Keypad Vault Specifications:

  • Lock: Digital keypad (with silent entry mode) or key
  • 16-gauge steel construction 
  • Dimensions: 13.5″H x 7.5″W x 3.6″D
  • Weight: 7.8 lbs
  • MSRP: $175.99

SnapSafe® is owned by Hornady® Manufacturing, a family-owned, third-generation business that has been designing, machining and producing bullets, ammunition, reloading products and security products since 1949.

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