Spring Fertilization with Chestnut Hill Outdoors

Spring Fertilization with Chestnut Hill Outdoors

One of the principle benefits of mast orchards over food plots is that once established they require far less effort. However, maximizing the growth potential of your trees does require occasional regular maintenance, like fertilization. The best time to fertilize fruit trees is during the growing season in early spring after bud break and again in early June with the start of summer rains. Chestnut Hill Outdoors highly recommends that you use a quality time-release fertilizer properly balanced with minor elements.

With quick release fertilizers, beneficial elements are available to plants immediately, but only for as long as they remain in the same soil layers as the root system. This period varies with rainfall and temperature but typically isn’t long enough for plants to absorb and utilize all available nutrients. Time or slow release fertilizers have layers designed to melt away in sequence, gradually releasing active ingredients in somewhat the same way as time release medications. This allows your trees to utilize more elements over a longer period, and when they’re needed most. Minor elements are very important because they are often scarce or absent in certain soils, which can be a limiting factor for plant growth.

For younger trees, Chestnut Hill Outdoors recommends using Scotts Osmocote Plus Trace Elements Outdoor & Indoor (19-6-12), Espoma Organic Holly-tone, or Tree-tone fertilizer applied in amounts recommended on the packaging. Spread the fertilizer evenly under the entire canopy of the tree, avoiding a 5-inch area around the trunk. Mix the fertilizer into the top 1-3 inches of soil, then apply water if you can. For mature trees 10 yrs and older, Chestnut Hill Outdoors recommends Scotts Osmocote Smart-Release Flower & Vegetable (14-14-14), Espoma Organic Holly-tone or Tree-tone fertilizer in amounts recommended on packaging.

Chestnut Hill Outdoors is more than just a nursery. In order to ensure you receive the maximum benefit from their products, they also provide sound advice and instruction on proper planting and care. For more on Chestnut Hill Outdoors products and how to care for them, visit ChestnutHillOutdoors.com, or call (855) 386-7826.

Chestnut Hill is the best place for you to purchase your food plot and deer attractant plants because they offer a large selection, their plants are specifically bred to attract deer, and they offer customers different sized plants at different levels of growth.

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