Stacked Outdoors Announces Price Drop Due to Success at ATA

Stacked Outdoors Announces Price Drop Due to Success at ATA

Get your hands on the most revolutionary climbing aid on the market for only $149.

Grand River, IA (February 13, 2018) РDue to the increase in projected sales volume and the success at ATA in January, Stacked Outdoors was able to reduce costs and lower the retail price on their Ladder Sticks. You can now get your hands on a set of the most revolutionary climbing aids on the market for only $149. Stacked Outdoors will continue to manufacture right here in America.

Patent pending Stacked Ladder sticks provide a light-weight, ultra-quiet, and compact solution in place of traditional climbing sticks and ladder system designs. Once in place, the Stacked Outdoors climbing sticks provide a rock solid and secure connection to just about any tree.

The construction material in these sticks gives them the ability to conform to trees in a way that isn’t possible with other climbing aids. The Stacked Outdoors ladder sticks are lightweight at 9.4 pounds (not including straps) for a full stack of 4. However, the lightweight design does not sacrifice on durability. The strength of the sticks not only meet standards recognized by the Treestand Manufacturers Association, but they also surpass them.

Stacked Outdoors delivers on every point desired by treestand hunters while requiring zero assemblies. Stack your sticks, strap em to a pack, or throw em over your shoulder with the shoulder strap that’s included and head into the field. Now with a lower retail price, Stacked Ladder sticks are a no-brainer for a safer hunting season.


  • Longer tree straps than our competitors
  • Tree straps include large hand loop for easier grip and tightening
  • Bigger Surface Area with Aggressive Tread Design for your Boots
  • No Assembly or Moving Parts that can Fail or Break
  • Solid One-Piece Design
  • Stack together like red solo cups
  • Dual Strap Post Design for added Stability
  • Heavy Duty Polyester Straps
  • Shoulder Strap Included


  • Patent pending
  • Weight: 2.35 lbs per stick and 9.4 lbs per set of 4 without straps
  • 300 lb load capacity
  • Ladder Stick Length: 21″
  • Distance Between Steps: 17.25″
  • Single Stick – $39.00 or Stack of 4 – $149.00

After 20 years in a treestand, Stacked Outdoors founder Brad recognized a need for better tree stand climbing sticks. After a friend fell off inadequate sticks from an “industry leader” Brad set out to build a safer model. The result was not only a safer set of climbing sticks but a lightweight, more durable and easier to use design that has changed the ladder stick market completely. Use Stacked Outdoors ladder sticks to climb safely on a ladder that delivers more support and a better experience in the field.

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