Steyr Arms Training Academy Announces New Datesand New Course

Steyr Arms Training Academy Announces New Datesand New Course

BESSEMER, Ala. (June 28, 2018) — Steyr Arms Steyr Arms Training Academyhas announced the 2018 dates for Steyr Arms Training Academy at the company’sheadquarters in Bessemer, Ala. Along with the popular SPR-I practical rifle course,Steyr will now offer a SPR-II extended-range rifle course this Fall. There isonly one SPR-II course offered this year, and completion of SPR-I is aprerequisite to join.

Academy Director Eduardo Abrilde Fontcuberta is the instructor for all of the courses. A native of Spain, Eduardo,is a world champion long-range competitor with more than 25 years of experienceas a military and law enforcement sniper trainer and armorer. His name isprobably most recognizable from his frequent writing in national firearm magazinesand his book, 100+ Sniper Exercises. Inorder to provide more personal-trainer-like sessions with ample individualinstruction, de Fontcuberta is limiting each of the three-day courses to amaximum of seven students. Each of the courses will provide students with atotal of more than 24 hours of intensive instruction.

The SPR-I course is meant toprovide students with theoretical knowledge, shooting practice and theballistic skills needed to reach each Steyr rifle’s accuracy potential. Thecourse covers the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship, creation of extremely accuratepaper and electronic tables, as well as understanding of how different factors affectshooting. During the dynamic classroom sessions as well as range practice, de Fontcubertawill adapt to the students’ needs while covering all the components ofsuccessful long-range shooting, including equipment selection and refinement,proper zeroing techniques, zero-distance selection, scope and rifle accuracytesting, wind estimation, new hardware, and ballistics know-how and softwareoptions. A Steyr Logbook is also included with the course. Students who don’town a Steyr rifle prior to the course can rent a Steyr Pro THB rifle, and otherrifle models will be available on request. By the end of the course, studentswill be able to operate on their own with supreme confidence when shootingtargets or hunting.

The SPR-II course focuseson extending the capabilities of graduates of the SPR-I (up to 600 yards) sothat they can comfortably and accurately engage targets out to 1200 yards. Studentswill learn advanced practical skills, ballistics and wind reading so they canexploit the Steyr accuracy potential to its maximum. Whether it is a .308Win. or a .338 Lapua Magnum, each student will learn how to reach and recognizethe limits of the rifle and caliber. With very limited students per class, deFontcuberta will insure extraordinary results for all participants. In thiscourse participants will use the latest equipment available to long rangeshooters, including what is used in de Fontcuberta’s King of 2 Milescompetition.

Thecurrent dates for the Steyr Arms Training academy are as follows:

  • SPR-I: July 12-14
  • SPR-I: Aug. 26-28
  • SPR-II: Sept. 20-22
  • SPR-I: Oct. 25-27
  • SPR-I: Nov. 15-17
  • SPR-I: Dec. 13-15

Tuitionfor each course is $975. Classes fill up fast, so be sure to sign up as soon aspossible.

Formore information on the Steyr Arms Training Academy and the courses offered, visit

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