Plano, IL (July 6, 2018) – From the industry leader in tackle storage solutions, Plano’s new trio of brightly colored tackle box models can help any angler from novice to expert organize their gear in a big way. The trusted design and hot new colors are sure to become an instant favorite among anglers for years to come.

The new One-tray, Two-Tray and Three-Tray Tackle Boxes make it easy for anglers to stay organized. These classic tray tackle boxes feature your choice of one, two or three shelves with a cantilever tray design that extends when opened to showcase the contents. A sturdy fold-down handle simplifies transport and storage while the brass-bailed latch tightly secures the lid, keeping items protected and organized.

The smallest gear hauler in this innovative series is the bright green One-Tray Tackle Box, which features a one cantilever tray with 7-13 compartments. This is ideal for the novice angler who is looking to store and keep organized an assortment of floats, hooks, sinkers and a few artificial lures. Bulk storage in the bottom of the One-Tray Tackle Box can handle items such plastic worms, sunscreen and a set of needle-nose pliers. The One-Tray Tackle Box is 14 inches long, 8.25 inches wide and 7.13 inches high.

The next size larger is the bright orange Two-Tray Tackle Box, which is 14.25 inches long, 8.5 inches wide and 7.75 inches high. The Two-Tray Tackle Box features a two-tier cantilever tray that extends when the box is opened. The trays feature 14 to 25 adjustable compartments. It has top-access storage as well as bulk storage for larger items in the bottom.

Largest of the new Tackle Box series is the bright blue Three-Tray Tackle Box, features a three-tier cantilever tray extends when the angler opens it. The trays feature 22 to 34 adjustable compartments. Like the One and Two-Tray Boxes, the Three Tray provides top-access storage as well as bulk storage for larger items in the bottom and sports a brass-bailed latch ensures the box closes securely and provides lasting use.

Product Features:

One-Tray Tackle Box, Model No. PLAMT6211

Two-Tray Tackle Box, Model No. PLAMT6221

Three-Tray Tackle Box, Model No. PLAMT6231

  • Full-size trays have multiple fixed compartments
  • Bulk storage in bottoms
  • Brass-bailed latch ensures the Tackle Boxes close securely
  • PLAMT6211 features one cantilever tray extends when opened
  • PLAMT6211 features 7-13 adjustable compartments
  • PLAMT6211 One-Tray is available in either Bright Green or Red Metallic/Off-White colors
  • PLAMT6221 features two cantilever tray extends when opened
  • PLAMT6221 features 14-25 adjustable compartments
  • PLAMT6221 Two-Tray is available in either Bright Orange, Blue, Metallic/Off-White, or Periwinkle/Pink colors
  • PLAMT6231 features three cantilever tray extends when opened
  • PLAMT6231 features 22-34 adjustable compartments
  • PLAMT6231 Three-Tray is available in either Bright Blue, or Green Metallic/Off-White colors

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