Styrka: Spring Is In The Air! Time For More Outdoor Range Time!

Styrka: Spring Is In The Air! Time For More Outdoor Range Time!

Thankfully, Old Man Winter is on his way out. With the warmer spring temperatures come more opportunities for hunters to get out and put some lead downrange! And for the hunter looking for a high-quality optic without the huge price tag, Styrka has introduced the S3 line of rifle scopes.

The S3 Line includes eight different models–offered in 4×32, 2-7×32, 3-9×40 and 4-12×50-and includes models made for rimfires, muzzleloader/shotguns and rifles. All Styrka S3 scopes feature fully multi-coated optics with Styrka’s proprietary SXL coating, providing bright, high-contrast images with outstanding clarity. Constructed of one-piece, aircraft-grade aluminum for structural integrity and durability, all parts are precision machined to maintain critical accuracy and hold zero in even the most extreme hunting conditions.

All S3 scope models are available in a plex reticle and most are available in Styrka’s new proprietary SH-BDC reticle for longer-range hunting.

The SH-BDC platform, which includes a BDC calculator in app and web form, was built from the ground up with the hunter in mind. The SH-BDC is a Ballistic Drop Compensation reticle designed for hunting from 100 yards to approximately 600 yards, offering hold overs for most rifle calibers. The SH-BDC reticle also incorporates windage lines so wind speed and distance can be factored in at the same time.

The Styrka Ballistic Calculator lets you easily determine the exact hold over points you need at specific ranges. Simply input data about your rifle, your ammunition and the distance to your target. The Calculator then figures the exact hold point required. In the field, you can also add in wind speed and direction, air temperature, barometric pressure and humidity. Each new bit of data will plot your shot for an even more precise result.

An app is available for iOS and Android platforms, the Styrka ballistic calculator can also be accessed as a web based program from the Styrka website at

Like all Styrka optics, S3 Rifle Scopes are covered by the “Styrka Pride” warranty. If you ever have a problem, your Styrka optics will be fixed or replaced. Forever. Plus, once a year, you can send back your optics and the company will clean and tune them as needed, all on Styrka’s tab.

Launched in 2015, Styrka offers a dynamic line up of hunting scopes, binoculars, red dots and spotting scopes. The Styrka philosophy is simple but non-negotiable: make high quality optics at affordable prices; always tell your customers the truth about what optics can and can’t do; and, stand behind your products 100-percent, forever. Styrka Pride. Styrka Strong.

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