Super-X® Steel™ 16 Gauge Makes the 16 Sweeter

EAST ALTON, Ill. (February 11, 2021) — The Winchester® Super-X® name has meant trusted quality and performance for almost a century — more than enough time to prove its dependability and excellence. Now, Super-X® Steel™ can offer the unique payload qualities of the 16 gauge in a higher-velocity cartridge that delivers more pellets per ounce than lead.

A steel load tailor-made for upland game and targets, Super-X Steel 16 gauge is built with a high-performance, corrosion-resistant, lead-free shot. By the numbers, the number 6 shot count averages 295 pellets with a velocity at the muzzle of 1,350 feet per second, meaning more surer hits on birds and clay. Shot wads are engineered with thicker petals for increased barrel protection in a worry-free-cycling 2 3/4-inch length. 

With federal and state regulations for nontoxic shots becoming more the rule than the exception, 16-gauge Winchester Super-X Steel is an excellent choice wherever you hunt.

Look for new Winchester Super X Steel 16 gauge in 25-round boxes at a retailer or dealer near you.

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