Swagger Bipods is pleased to introduce its newest line of bipods-the Steelbanger Series, designed for shooting enthusiasts, hunters and long-distance shooters. This series features three innovative products that are designed to acquire multiple or moving targets down range: Steelbanger Basic, Stalker QD and Stalker Lite.

The Steelbanger Basic fits any 1913 Picatinny Rail and features Swagger’s Flex Ready technology that elevates this bipod above others on the market. The bipod’s legs flex at the base of the mount, allowing the shooter to find a comfortable shooting position regardless of the terrain. The Steelbanger Basic is the smallest of the three products and is ideal for shooting while prone or on a bench rest. With an effective range of seven to ten inches, it is low profile and is easily adjusted with one hand. Whether in the field or at the range, the Steelbanger Basic is an excellent choice for the shooter looking for a compact and lightweight bipod.

Next in the series, the Stalker QD functions similarly to the Steelbanger Basic using Flex Ready technology, only this bipod is available in two sizes: fourteen to forty-two inches (QD42) and twenty-four to seventy-two inches (QD72) at full range and weighs fifteen ounces and seventeen ounces, respectively. The key feature of the Stalker QD is a simple quick detach button that lets the user remove the bipod from its mount so it can be collapsed and stowed away or reattached rapidly and easily. This bipod features steel tips under removable rubber feet allowing the user to secure their bipod on any terrain. The Stalker QD is ideal for shooting while sitting in tree stands or hunting blinds.

Finally, the Stalker Lite is the largest of the three products, but unlike the other two, the Stalker Lite is designed to be a rapid deploy shooting rest. The effective range of this rest is twenty-one to thirty-six inches and it weighs 10 ounces. The Stalker Lite also utilizes Flex Ready technology, so shooters can find a comfortable resting position from any stance on any terrain. No touch adjustments help users rapidly adjust their position and track multiple or moving targets. The Stalker Lite is best suited for the shooter looking for an easy to deploy, easy to adjust and highly versatile shooting rest.

Swagger Bipod’s Steelbanger Series is coming soon and will be available on their online store through their website or at authorized retailers. Retail pricing is already available with the Steelbanger Basic at $149.99, the Stalker QD42 at $129.99, the Stalker QD72 at $139.99, and the Stalker Lite at $69.99. For general inquiries contact Swagger Bipods at (308) 675-3017 or info@swaggerbipods.com.