Swagger Hunter29: The Ultimate Western Hunting Bipod

Most bipods or shooting sticks are heavy and cumbersome to operate, especially when the legs are at full extension. These are two characteristics that make your typical shooting implement less than well-suited for the strenuous expectations of Western and backcountry hunters. 

It’s in that same Western environment that Swagger’s Hunter29 bipod really shines: it features an ultralight construction of just 23.6 ounces, can be deployed or retracted quickly and quietly, and is capable of handling the toughest terrain. Lockable dual springs offer various levels of stiffness and maneuverability to the platform, and they now feature a nitride finish to prevent corrosion even in the most unforgiving weather. The legs, which can be retracted into the housing when not in use, adjust with the twist of two ergonomically designed knobs. 

Perfect for the demands of spot-and-stalk hunting, the Hunter29 bipod adjusts from 6¾ to 29 inches and is best used in prone, seated and kneeling positions. It’s ideally suited for rapid target acquisition with minimal movement or noise. The twin-spring design allows for an incredible range of motion from side to side or up and down steep terrain, giving hunters the ultimate tactical advantage in the field. Also, a standard rifle adapter allows you to attach the bipod to the forward sling swivel stud with total security. 

When you’re dealing with rocky ground, two rubber feet keep the bipod from slipping. When the country changes to softer dirt and steep slopes, the rubber feet can be removed to reveal metal spikes that hold your bipod firmly in place, giving you the most stable shot possible. More durable and versatile than ever, Swagger’s Hunter29 bipod is a Western hunter’s best friend. 


  • Adjustable lengths from 6¾ to 29 inches 
  • Twist-adjustable legs 
  • Removable rubber feet with metal spikes 
  • Lightweight design 
  • Reinforced bungees 
  • New leg design and corrosion resistant springs 

Made in the USA and equipped with numerous unique high performance features, we at Swagger are confident that our bipods will do for you what no bipod has ever done before. We back claim that with our Limited Lifetime Guarantee.

Swagger bipods are also covered by our Shoot With Confidence Guarantee. If your Swagger bipod does not give you more shooting flexibility and more shooting confidence, send the product back to us within 30 days of purchase, with proof of purchase from an authorized dealer, and we will buy it back.

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