OKC Steps Up to Help Produce the Simple and Effective Safety Device to
Protect Our Schools

SwiftShield,™ makers of the simple, cost-effective solution to secure classrooms from entry during emergency situations, is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with legendary knife and tool manufacturer Ontario Knife Company® (OKC®) for the production of the SwiftShield device. SwiftShield is a virtually indestructible, reinforced carbon-steel freestanding bracket designed to brace any outward-opening door from being opened. The SwiftShield device is designed to withstand thousands of pounds of force as well as gunshots and/or blasts from a shotgun.

“School safety is a major concern for everyone, and we were very impressed with the simplicity and the design of the SwiftShield,” said Ken Trbovich, President and CEO for Ontario Knife Company. “We knew we wanted to do whatever we could to help get more of the SwiftShield devices into schools, and are excited to work with the company on the production side and support keeping children safe.”

Through the partnership with OKC, SwiftShield hopes for increased production and more wide-spread distribution into schools across the country. Being a renowned knife maker, OKC is well-versed in producing high-quality carbon steel, something they have been in the business of since 1889.

“We are excited to welcome OKC as a production partner,” said George Klaybourne of SwiftShield. “Their production techniques and legendary quality is on par with our requirements for excellence and their involvement only helps us keep even more children safe from mass-violence during an emergency situation. We welcome OKC to the SwiftShield family and look to gain other partners in the future.”

The SwiftShield was developed by a group of people who, like you, wanted to find a real solution to protecting and shielding our kids from a potential violent attack when they, along with teachers and their fellow student are in class. As we have seen from tragic events, classrooms may be vulnerable in the event of an actual emergency – with an unsecured door being the only thing standing between our children and disaster. Security guards, or armed and trained staff may offer protection, but the one thing they cannot always guarantee is time. SwiftShield gives school security and law enforcement additional time to do the job they are highly trained to do. It gives teachers the peace of mind and time to assist our kids as only they can, in the event of an emergency.

SwiftShield is 100-percent Made in America. It can be easily installed by almost anyone in a matter of seconds. SwiftShield requires absolutely no structural modification. Models are available for standard and ADA doors and in variations to fit most any style door and frame. For more information about SwiftShield, visit swiftshield.com. A SwiftShield demonstration and instructional videos are available on the SwiftShield YouTube channel.

Go to www.shieldourschools.com to learn more about the Shield Our Schools program and find out more on how you can help, or donate to a school in your area.