SwiftShield™, the simple and cost-effective solution to securing classrooms during an emergency situation, is proud to announce it has partnered with Moorpark, Calif-based Full-Throttle Communications for ongoing public relations support. Through the new partnership, the full-service marketing, advertising and public relations agency will work closely with SwiftShield to help spread the company’s message that simple, effective protection for classrooms is available in the event of mass violence in schools.

“After more than 10 years in the political spotlight, I’m putting my support behind a new cause – protecting and shielding our children from a potential violent attack,” said Joe Wurzelbacher, SwiftShield spokesperson and long-time conservative activist. “SwiftShield is a real solution when an unsecured door is the only thing standing between our children and disaster. We’re excited to partner with Full-Throttle Communications to help us share information about SwiftShield and the S.O.S. Shield Our Schools program with even more people across the U.S.,” he added.

SwiftShield is a virtually indestructible, reinforced carbon-steel freestanding bracket designed to brace any outward-opening door from being opened from the outside. Inward swinging designs are coming soon. The SwiftShield is designed to withstand thousands of pounds of force as well as gun shots and blasts from a shotgun. Models are available for standard and ADA doors and in variations to fit most any style door and frame. The company also spearheads the S.O.S. Shield Our Schools Program, which works to match corporate partners and individual donors with schools in their areas to sponsor the implementation of SwiftShield barricades. The program is 100-percent cost free to the school and can quickly add a level of deterrent and protection to a school in need of assistance

“We’re honored at the opportunity to work with SwiftShield and be a part of an initiative that is so impactful on our society and can save lives,” said Jason Bear, President/CEO of Full-Throttle Communications. “SwiftShield is simple to install with one quick, efficient step to lockdown classrooms in seconds. We’re excited to join SwiftShield on its mission to ensure every classroom in America has one available,” he added.

About SwiftShield
SwiftShield is the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective option to keeping students, teachers and other staff safe during lockdown and emergency situations. SwiftShield deploys in seconds, by anyone and requires no special training. When in use, SwiftShield can withstand thousands of pounds of pressure and resists bullets fired from even military-style weapons and shotguns – preventing the need for someone to hold it shut or use ineffective barricades such as classroom furniture to prevent entry. For more information, visit swiftshield.com.

The SwiftShield “Shield Our Schools” S.O.S. initiative guides concerned teachers, students, administrators and communities on how to actively get the word out about how businesses, charities, crowdfunding and other corporate sponsorship – both local and national – can help provide the funds needed to have these life-saving devices installed in vulnerable classrooms across the nation. For more information, visit: shieldourschools.com.

About Full-Throttle Communications
The team at Full-Throttle Communications are industry-leading professionals who develop the powerful tools needed to position brands at the top of the marketplace – providing stellar creative solutions, cutting-edge market insights and influential media outreach. Full-Throttle Communications is a one-stop shop for all means of communication with extensive experience in helping companies obtain that competitive edge – and effectively elevate their business to the next level. For more information about Full-Throttle Communications, visit: full-throttlecom.com.