SWORD International Introduces the MK-17 Rifle to the Civilian Market

SWORD International Introduces the MK-17 Rifle to the Civilian Market

Sparks, Nevada – November 14, 2018 – SWORD International is excited to announce that their highly popular MK-17 rifle is now available to the civilian market.

Previously, this designated marksman rifle was only available to military special forces. This rifle was designed to give the military marksman a semi-automatic weapons system that was lightweight, reliable and highly accurate.

Some of the innovative features of the MK-17 include an ambi-bolt catch/release pad located near the lower-front portion of the trigger well, as well as a fold-down side charging handle. These design features allow for a much more natural handling of the rifle by the shooter. Weighing just 9 pounds the MK-17 feels and looks like a carbine, but shoots much more like a precision bolt-action rifle.

With the inclusion of calibers such as the highly popular 6.5 Creedmoor and the .260 Remington, the MK-17 is an excellent choice for hunters. Reliable under any conditions, the durability and long-range accuracy of these rifles is second-to-none.

The SWORD MK-17 rifle is available in 7.62×51 NATO, .260 Remington, and .6.5 Creedmoor. Now available nationwide, this rifle has a MSRP of $3,995.00.

Whether you are a hunter, a competitive shooter or simply enjoy long-range shooting, the SWORD International MK-17 rifle is the perfect choice.

About SWORD International: Based in Sparks, Nevada, SWORD International manufactures cutting edge small arms for the military, law enforcement and civilian markets. This veteran owned company proudly manufactures its products in the United States to the highest standards required by its defense customers. Never cutting corners, SWORD International utilizes the most advanced materials and manufacturing processes to deliver accurate, reliable and durable firearms that won’t let you down. Find out more at https://sword-int.com.