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  • Federal Releases More Component Bullet Options for Reloading

    ANOKA, Minnesota – January 31, 2020 – Federal has expanded its wide range of its renowned centerfire rifle and handgun bullets for reloaders. The first new option is a .224 90-grain option in the Fusion line intended for hunters and shooters looking to reload the 224 Valkyrie cartridge. The second new bullet offering is a full […]

  • Federal’s New 224 Valkyrie Loads Stretch Long-Range Horizons

    ANOKA, Minnesota – August 22, 2019 – Federal proudly announces two new flat-shooting Premium 224 Valkyrie loads that deliver precision accuracy at long ranges. Shipments of these Federal Premium 224 Valkyrie cartridges have been delivered to dealers.  In 2018, Federal transformed the MSR 15 platform and broke all boundaries of ballistic performance by introducing the 224 […]