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  • Key to mentoring new angler: Keep it simple

    By Larry PapeNebraska Game and Parks Commission LINCOLN, Neb. – Consider your motivations on why you enjoy fishing. Is it to catch a meal, compete for the largest fish, get away from life’s stresses or to be with friends? To faithfully mentor a new angler, whether they be young or old, one probably should start […]

  • SPRO® Expands Its Soft Side With New 3″ and 6″ WaveTail Grub

    Every angler has used a grub in some fashion during their angling career. Grubs catch fish, all types of fish. SPRO® knows this, just as most anglers do, and has brought you the new WaveTail Grub in 6″ and 3″ sizes. Grubs can be considered a very versatile bait that can be used all year long. […]

  • Plano® Weekend Series: 3500, 3600, 3700 Tackle Case & Deluxe Tackle Case

    The Plano® Weekend Series Tackle Cases and Deluxe Tackle Case are focused on the casual angler. The Weekend Series provides affordable tackle and gear storage options. No matter where you live or what you like to fish, organize with ease so you can focus on the stuff that really matters. The 3500, 3600, and 3700 Tackle […]

  • Millennium Marine Track System for More Fishing and Less Work on the Water

    Being prepared before heading out onto the water is great, but once anglers are putting out line, hooks and baited hooks, anglers want to watch the rods for the slightest bite. The Millennium Marine Spyderlok Track System has revolutionized how anglers can quickly and easily attach, remove and reposition rod holders and accessories.  Available in […]

  • New anglers, do you have everything you need?

    By Jerry KaneNebraska Game and Parks Commission LINCOLN, Neb. – Consider this scenario: You are an angler new to the sport and go out fishing on your own. You have a license, rod-and-reel combo and some tackle. What else do you need? Depending on the regulations of the lake, an angler has two choices to […]

  • Fishing with basics of hooks, bobbers and sinkers

    By Jerry KaneNebraska Game and Parks Commission For a novice angler, selecting fishing tackle can be intimidating. An angler will find a lot to pick from at the store. Aisles of items, in fact. Any angler can keep things basic for starters, especially with simple hooks, sinkers and bobbers. HooksHooks can be used with worms, […]

  • Seaguar® Connects Bassmaster Elite Pros with Victory

    The Bassmaster Elite circuit visited two powerhouse northern fisheries, the St. Lawrence River and then Lake Champlain, during a remarkable two-week march across New York state this July. Competitors battled strong winds and heavy seas in pursuit of monster smallmouth and elusive largemouth, with the goal of hoisting impressive blue trophies and enormous cardboard checks over their heads. In the end, Seaguar […]

  • Sharks & Goliath Grouper with Larysa Switlyk Goes to the Highest Bidder for SCI Outfitter Benefit!

    This is one online Auction you will not want to miss! Safari Club international along with a ton of great donors is raising money to help support professional hunters and outfitters who are negatively impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. SCI is launching the Share the Impact Outfitter Benefit, a multi-day online charity event that runs from August 1st- […]

  • New for 2020: Millennium Introduces Buck Hut Shooting House

    Pearl, MS (July 14, 2020) If you’ve spent much time hunting out of elevated shooting houses, you know that there always seems to be something missing. They’re not wide enough, tall enough, the windows are never “just right,” – one that works well for gun hunters isn’t configured for bowhunting. With Millennium Outdoors new-for-2020 Q200 Buck […]


    With a Focus on Precision, Passion and Protection, Carbondale® and Spokane® Eyewear Models are a Must Have for Shooters and Outdoor Enthusiasts Alike Whether you’re an avid shooter, angler or hunter, a great pair of glare-cutting shades can make all the difference in how you enjoy your experience outdoors. Pyramex® has a vision for creating […]