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  • Axeon ShotLight

    Axeon ShotLight

    Axeon Optics produces a tactical shotgun light for home defense called the ShotLight! The shotgun is a versatile firearm; it can be used for hunting waterfowl, small game, as well as big game; but, it is also an excellent home defense firearm. More and more people are arming themselves with shotguns for home defense, and […]

  • Axeon Hunting Series Scopes

    Axeon Hunting Series Scopes

    Axeon Optics have produced a line of lightweight, rugged, rifle scopes that really perform – and all for a fraction of the cost of similar scopes. The Axeon Hunting Series Scopes are high performance scopes in low light conditions.  The glass used produces a crisp, clear image, without fogging.  Durable beyond compare, this series of […]

  • Axeon AM3 Monocular

    Axeon AM3 Monocular

    Axeon Optics is pleased to announce the AM3 Monocular lightweight, with a 250 lumen LED flashlight built in. If you want visual power in a small and very lightweight package that’ll fit into a shirt pocket, then look no further than the Axeon AM3 Monocular.  At a little over 5 inches long, 3 inches wide, […]