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  • Lock, Stock and Barrel: Ballistic Has You Covered

    Gainesville, GA (September 4, 2019) -Like most sports, Precision Rifle Shooting takes time, practice, passion, and the right gear. If this level of long-range shooting is important to you,  make sure you add some really great and very inexpensive insurance to your shooting kit. Make sure you add Ballistic.  Considering all the money a serious shooter spends […]

  • Ballistic and The Year That Was-And The Year That Will Be!

    Gainesville, GA (December 17, 2018) During 2018, Ballistic helped tens of thousands of long-range shooters, competitors and hunters make precision shots, time and again. And Ballistic will be doing all that and more in 2019, with some additions to the world’s #1 ballistic calculator. Ballistic utilizes the world-renowned JBM Ballistics engine. The same computer engine […]